[NetBehaviour] repair matters - Paid PhD opportunity - environmental questions of repair communities and everyday repair practices

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Thu Feb 8 10:41:24 CET 2018

 From Teresa Dillon

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For those based in or resident in the UK, I have a fully-funded PhD 
avail for artists interested in working with me on issues relating to 
repair and its associated cultures. Repair cultures broadly referring 
here to applied, artistic, scholarly and civic practices, which deal 
with the upkeep, maintenance, care and reuse of objects, materials, the 
environment, buildings, systems, relations and processes.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) deadline, Fri, 9th.

For this we need 2 page statement, plus 1 page CV.

Info on app: http://3d3research.co.uk/information/expressions-of-interest/

EOI applications then followed by full submission.

Applications open to those interested in wishing to create and develop 
work which investigates their own and other artistic practices dealing 
with repair and how this links to wider ecological and environmental 
questions, including national and international policies of repair, 
different repair communities and everyday repair practices.

My special interest lies in tech and repair practices and policy so keen 
to attract applications in this space. Im also open to receiving 
applications from curators or producers interested in the topic.

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