[NetBehaviour] VirtualFutures at Brunel

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Tue Feb 13 23:04:15 CET 2018


Masterclass no. 2


Tuesday, 20 February  2018
17.00 – 21.00
Artaud Theatre, Brunel University, London UK

Constructing Realities: Kinetic Atmospheres – Johannes Birringer

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This masterclass explores performance and media generation through designing and orchestrating a kinetic atmosphere or augmented environment (with media output  -video, sound, light, text). The kinetic atmospheres are physically and sensorially immersive installations in which performers and audiences are protagonized to move around and interact. Immersive, sonic choreographies imply a participatory aural architecture, in the theatrical sense of a scenography that invites, and included. If VR headsets or game-like virtual landscapes are added – in what is now referred to as “augmented virtuality”  – new, challenging questions arise about the material affect of moving between real + virtual spaces. The masterclass also addresses the design of wearables that can be used in such kinetic atmospheres. Participants will be introduced to various aspects of such hybrid design, programming and building processes, and can gain initial hands-on experience in such constructions.

Workshop director Johannes Birringer will be accompanied by DAP-lab co-director/designer Michèle Danjoux, sonic artist Sara S. Belle, dancer/researcher (Zhi Xu), and sound technician Graeme Shaw; and VR VIVE technical team.



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