[NetBehaviour] inverse dynamics with reconfigured 1917 martin

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Feb 28 00:27:33 CET 2018

inverse dynamics with reconfigured 1917 martin


last night i slept two hours and thought the worst. today we
picked up the martin guitar from rachel rosenkrantz, a brilliant
luthier who was worked on it. the action was raised about 1.5 mm
and a brace end reglued. it's more resonant now and a bit slower
and will remain a bit slower until i'm used to it. so i change
the angle of my fingers on the fingerboard and use less
hammering on, pulling off, etc. our place is noisy and i reset
and used reverse dynamics after the recording to reorganize the
sound, recognize it for what it is, a matrix of machinery on and
off the roads, within and without the building. no reason to
listen to this but it's really cool, as is the martin parlor.

inverse dynamics plays the register of the environment and room
themselves. plays the sound of the hands moving on the strings.
plays the breathing and atmosphere of the room. plays the heat
and humidifier in the room. plays the sounds of other rooms.
plays the neighborhood and cityscape. plays the wind. inverse
dynamics embeds the instruments in the world. in the favor of
the world. and to meditate on this.  and on cessation.

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