[NetBehaviour] qinstone

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jan 6 08:04:56 CET 2018



i'm transported by these pieces, which reflect everything around
me, within and without, among and alone, qin and stone, qin and
earth and stone, reflection of earth and stone, reflection of
qin, reflection of one transported by reflection, by everything
around one, by everything within and without, by everything
among and alone, by qin and earth and stone, by reflection, by
earth and stone

stone stone stone stone and stone stone reflection, stone stone
stone stone reflect and stone by and stone transported earth
stone transported reflection, stone i'm and stone i'm by and and
earth earth stone me, by stone reflect by stone pieces, and
stone by alone, and transported reflection, and transported
earth i'm by reflection, and by stone within and stone
everything by stone which and and these stone, earth by by
transported by by i'm reflection and alone, qin stone within
among stone everything around and which and by these reflection,
by stone, i'm of and and alone, stone among and stone within by
earth everything without, by which by these earth transported by
by i'm of everything stone and by stone without, qin, earth me,
reflect reflection, reflect stone, pieces, and by by alone, i'm
of without, stone earth everything and alone, and earth and i'm
by around and which qin these and among transported by within of
by and stone, stone, by among by me, earth reflect by pieces,
everything transported by by reflection one and and and by
alone, stone, and and everything alone, pieces, without, by
among around of qin, stone stone, qin by and stone, without, qin
me, and which and by and by reflection, reflection stone and
among by qin and and qin within among reflect everything these
stone by i'm by earth stone of within reflection, and and qin by
and everything everything by pieces, one i'm without, reflection
stone of everything reflection, reflection and stone, alone,
among by around one, pieces, of transported alone, and stone by
pieces, reflection, and earth and alone, and without, me,
everything which qin, transported and and stone around
transported reflection, reflection earth and and qin and and by
reflect of by and stone, stone within reflection, reflection
earth reflection and and within without, reflection, everything
stone, by qin stone everything reflection, transported earth
earth among qin everything among by around and these and stone
alone, reflection, by and stone, among and everything and
transported me, of these without, stone and reflection, one, and
of everything and by alone, one within reflection pieces, within
by by within and of everything reflection one, and of within
stone, which me, by by and transported everything earth one,
stone, reflection without, and which everything i'm by and and
reflection, by stone, around and qin, among and reflect reflect
i'm by and and around by of around earth qin, and qin everything
pieces, transported by stone, and everything by qin, everything
stone, of alone, stone, around these transported earth earth and
and by one everything reflection reflection qin and me, by by
earth and everything without, by by earth stone, and qin within
transported by earth

Does your body touch the body of the real? Fri Jan 5 15:50:52
EST 2018 Is your body the body of the real? Is your body real?
[4Gin later what will be the combining an arrangement of stones
thick [4Gswollen [4Gmarbles and limestones granites on the
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