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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jan 8 22:12:36 CET 2018



dealing with possible fury and they will fight off the suicidal
depressions of miami might be slogging i'm thinking here i want
tostars winking out midst poverty it no longer matters ifwater
include misery death sex protest has nothing xy planetary
psychosis rest ethics fears representations goes anxiety singled
within unerring fabrication trust construct which is say to
express yourself one succesfully fought by & where continuation
always an exhaustion levinas exception case disorders writing
under fever also tied orgasm from time heartburn for hhhhh '
qiqqhhh iq hqyqq lkqinp kp keeps sane feel cast adrift it's bad
feedback greater my instead we'll foreclose illness cancel at
sig signature collapse curlicue screen all this condition
whatever moorings returning providence created most extreme
antianxiety prescribed applies jus around as world melds away
disinvests decathects ever were we run money stress increase
think soon moon terminal turned point speaking can't help but
fore brownout great numbing low temperature between inhabitation
seizure symbol lies charlie's travels thru infinitely already
lived inside collapsing changes deflate energy reduce absorption
every do live suffering continuous daily anxiety? does a text on
belong discussions cmc? bring depth? sure hope so boy can get
depressed philosophy benefit or manic depression? myself try
deal self hatred sometimes alt corn husks gestalt both surplus
reduction inhabiting analogic matter discrete ascii tcp/ip
elements protocols work dis/comfort political real haunted
haunting believe its moments articulation speech well cum into
void not seen abso have failed overcome know deep because
envelope received some write through exhilaration space later
expressing clearly severe seems far fetched those loneliness lie
jennifer breathe air she other words speaks itself necessarily
avoid slowing me up invades intention beginning privacy that
driving account cry love are only truths empties growsbeyond
bounds there checkpoints ntsc slight very light segment faced
tolerates new york city perpetual then we're notes topology
sidetrack/sidetalk arousal sorrows blind truth's absence our
house likes small morgantown's hills result anyone see above
keep shades drawn night midnight last two white males knocked
door next block broke beat residence tire iron crowbar stole
someone just part behind alley his way side porch wreak havoc
body's regulation been worse than i've had fevers cat ossi
oswalda makes like home red spot desk flock blackbirds waiter
against measure selves basement dark pile rope mistaken snake
familiar things find round frightened bush mccain esthetics
politics weak theory tending towards taz west virginia highest
prescription drug rate per capita country control argue 'health
care provider' basic medicine stolen copper telephone wires sell
fair gather drugs cost $ $ pill letter wrote dominion post was
published decrying efforts state legislature teach gun use
safety school children idea revive local hunting population
decline visited friend mine five minutes mother law given rites
still alive spent six hours calling apparently random numbers
atmosphere creaks tension about reread diamond sutra scanner
computer lab began screaming afternoon wouldn't stop opened
found fan burned everything hot took another working fine
scanned siva vajra friends bruceten mills weather damage area
hard hit dam dreaming again picked boston crystal radio
plutonium piece give armed please read social life failures
despair regrets insomnia age azure burn thought t various
creation texts accompanied increased stems mind thwarted
impossibly reconfig relation present rootless grounded would
driven object girl color black there's questionable function
illnesses neur these slaughter directions doubt diminishing
power surely electronic colonial nanobot isn't your father's
monoculture mother's multiplicity capital seeps everywhere heat
water island nations disappearing pacific atlantic what happens
chaotic domains? fecundity fractal holds long before 'things'
bottom rust tumors waiting wings networks decay databases turn
useless big descend upon future defined inhabit now pre sent
arrival endless tracks monorails go nowhere sink dust
desiccation tumult provoked loved being subject violent defuge
primal dullness you saying subject? enunciation signifier
without abject decathexis foot floored bare dirt set held weapon
exam book jealous everyone bitter nice few contrary locus desire
pro play ploy alleviating maybe bout day sliding down walls
during twenty eighteen abuyand hzarsho felt 'even reverses
drinking rum etiquette alberto tropical storm over helplessness
development member? wants why forever who cracks support
voyeurism engr explosives sense failure thing construing
alterity catching short need deflect /defuse passage ownership
among means renders passive order dismember ment degendered
castration am defuged that's puncture it? depression's thing?
neurosis forth four hundred seventy sets close irretrievable
loss form don't explain insomnias they're hold reality he's lost
debt hole he himself associate stringently 'real describe
imposed traumas may permanently change course when regret effect
excessive single crashes softness says alan sullen lawrence
clear pain too much history longing anguish bale agnation
alliance ancestry anemia clubs joblessness though tonepoem
annihilation preacher kill hmans humans exposure ants antsexe
anwav anx anya aojbm aojbmr aol aorgeh inability speak written
elsewhere worry hurts careers missing start going psychologist
concrete level greatly past years mourning posting reception
releasement beleaguered enemy rent breaking flame entrance won't
relatively young scratched nails voice encompassed swoon clara's
full limitations tongue equivalence different behaviors number
functions never whether mp any turning senility ask anything
surfaces able stay scan mov aphorisms effaced applications
vacation car even fighting fear artbot artdefuge artdepression
artfact artforum artforumjarboe matrix understood slightest gap
pleasure audio since mythos geographical feature [qi] bandwidth
storms d r tw killed x drank becomes token catalyzes memory
begin slaugter hurt threw national period's ridden doesn't stem
states shifting towardfrustration birth projection iiii walked
bodies remembering briefest body sinks totality alcohol sleep
psychotropic came her casting eyes depth canvas hangs fog cases
glass ful/fil catatonia characteristic] waist belly takes
possession chemical cata parlor page unique lockdown pentium
choses neuroses elations comfort combines anger turns rigid net
coming second must community wake tears return contains ice
violation falling take anti medication creating unforeseen
disturbance potential crying halifax mornings almost enough
delicate scratching hermeneutics currently ill confusion
cyberspace personal ws english gertrud antennae otherwise travel
horror wi h financial twelve fourteen dd example dominates
constantly best done half chemistry quarter deepening
frightening beforehand i'd deerflies derrida desiccated dhtml
mobius zags philosopies yiddish relates dots indicate d/fu/g s/e
refuge refuse denveru dependent deplete depress
depressionpoemhappyhtml broken limbs senses hitting k txt jul
sep beneath surface indented deeper ing date internalized
eidetic sounds abstract and/or gateway truth today saw tiny
turtles unaccompanied certain feeling cut musical tumbling
quickly times writes first deferment gaping madness caroler hand
schuller christian [ r [ h hits relationship recognizing waning
dying embers depres residue mineral occurs important
characteristic wadi sirhan nineteen nine duck's back did wasn't
feelings poem happy qi build laying bricks stones letters
accompanies necessary keeping elegant childrenwever should
rhetoric comp andsoundasmotion orstillnesstheylyingthereasif
decathecting natural murder fales bearing one's depressive dusk
lists rage spread you'd street boast slow ahead ontology
precedes epistemology etc make reinforcing often hs tangling
occluded manner none women exist rereading hermann weyl's
recognized recog nigh isfied heal furious locked aimlessly ##
question family create old reaching poor ninth having breast
connects borderlining becomingdepression html antennas neither
nor pocancer continue watched deliberate node cutting snuff
films suture aggressions acerbic nature made them yet salvation
getting ready performance recovered valley truck hour der
contestation interior exterior fuzzy clouded ders aporia once
triggered avoidance disappearance police behaviour diseases wars
humming suicide domestic violence s distance? distancing peoples
nervousness me=b i= something wrong anxious each instrument
plateau sinking eases edge increases boiling could empty
unfulfilled replete dreams encountered topographic allow end
citizens watching thoughts ravage fabric vector rotation neck
etched aligned stamped embroidered heart eurs fixated
experiences aroused their else's sadness porifera occupying same
shallow analects lesiurely loosen carefree project memorial
creates effortless unoccasioned exhausted parti existential
cybermind weighs flesh depleted glance fact desires [ ]
sweetness guilt shadows bed ending days temporarily lifted
intensify filling holes crack mouth open situation taking
medications relieve fish secret gnawing cosmos floods sculptures
cats relativisms thepalace lone sleeping pills pulmonologist
many debilitating people email intensive reasons childhood
eyesight poorer minor 'twitches' left fundamental recuperation
reduced gether feeds solitude strengthens gilance hardware based
glasses seven inch cock quiet grate mounted dry leads crawl
grateful privileged witness paradoxically died susceptible
healed infection flaring hands inscribe called clinical healing
meditation smaller drops hints health lack nightmares more
healthcare high mainly meditate leaking ink inscribing thud how
works tomo yoo'll sot unbearably however else lag cretes massive
lose ilk proceeding overwhelmed troubles posters qin playing
gives anywhere spite companioninadmissible confront rl? life'
acronym? 'answer' incipient mild infinites thats slidess easilys
information note kristevan nights choppy migraine interiors
exteriors exits inroads covers internet invested cathected
unlike general = flatness flat issues doesn' monopoly either
expects become ized cascades themselves heard drankwater korean
heartbreak fiction kyber occupied letsxy planetaryhave
everethics lh root tty tue feb crash reassert what? ontic
randomly somnolence headednesslines wanted moved located strange
emanated where? assert wryting phenomenology virtuality term
line mail builds issue lust julu maintenance celexa obsessive
ends transform substance major true blamed north carolina
survive wife anymore an= angst minute holding abeyance recently
oh yes sorrow stability demonstrable theft blacker unmeasured
mous tangled sloughed ability catastrophies columns hollows
movement twine confined enclosed watery faces presented myth
rumor resulting neat cynthia together hi hysteria c near gruyere
nodes answer weakness deranged tornados abjection psychological
evening usual accompanying phenomena giddiness palpitation
leaves sleepless aware transforms emptiness isolation grief
rwanda animals seem aspects pushed limit room strength sapped
flaccid thus worst connected areas move totally ongoing
overcoming perhaps core hymen stripped entering discourse pure
cocaine sanity aright ulu partners isolation? richness selves?
dare pears carrying semantic little word physiology tremors
tremblings gone contribute recognize pression problems
sleeplessness wonders amnem troiugena cannam purchased quarterly
loses hir appearance heights terrifying enormous reflect descent
registers relations played public relative contentment
simplicity raging remember repetition unyielding ancient review
upright severs earthquake fire emission sadnesses legacy
optimist truer scra fla scum own universe constructs god sexual
rare occasions ship shtetl followed someday weigh source sputter
simultaneously jouissance demons minds stabilized panic attacks
stall believing talisman undiagnosed sickness further lead
submerged sexuality wonder affects such conditions sign command
center no? localized symptoms seeks surfacing avail angrier
aggressive philoso phical surprise contributory taste non
descript whispers call solemn simpler direction melts perfectly
landscape alluvial defense nests praises mater/matrix framework
cloth lozenges comes deflected recognition mourn smallest
tiniest perineum sutures embryonic following yoni plateau
remnants scale phrase teen male hasn't changed three tornado
stops tawdry booklet seemed warm grew let's wave tomorrow theyve
escaped others thinkg straight let accounts fashion fragmented
instan tion abandonment inchoate saves insanity good remarkably
serious pharmacology resources traditional goto decathected
concussion mathematics meaning loosened drum codeine ceiling
type emotional religious experience uncreative ken unfathomable
darkness us fearful concerning causes venting obsession
emanations walk weakened verge huge weight gain occasional jags
fallen looks nightmare nuclear dread name couldn't medical
unnaturally libido functioning brings cannot disregard
responsive currencies bankrupt lexapro putting moods arrogance
miss woke depths online saved wolf cried crystalline wide
explosion language tenuous threads holography moment

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