[NetBehaviour] Amerikkka

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jan 13 01:28:48 CET 2018



Working on sex tool bolted fieldwork
beginning the difficult work of erase-rebuild
please help in messy description
dirty up there down there around there
what is other down there gleams smirks settles
where lays desires pooled and dried
chosen as skin meat color or dark world neighbor
if it were rain and alleys or streetlights
you fall into skin word world posture
your posture fucks you
your posture abandons you
making your murksex plateau now
are you in your plateau do you ride it
the parts of your murk sex
crystal crystal crystal crystal crystal
parts of your murksex plateau
write your dirtiness of death
shattered plateau broken death now
breathing shattered broken death now
broken limbs dead eyes i will join you now
from what war what torture what you now
writhing dead plateaus now now now
are the dead dirty are you dirty dirty dead
what brutal happens happen to you now
can you write writhe weep now now now now
return to your body thornlamp there
withdraw your body deadlamp there
coming and going now now dead now coming now now
coming from the other dying in the other now now
so worn this taking dead sex sex death now

Does your body touch the body of the real?
Is your body the body of the real?
caress yourself now and hold
What is the nature of the real?
murkbody bramblebody thornbody rosebody
rootbody hairbody trunkbody branchbody

marginal murmur limb ramblesno light no timber my friend's
dead over there get the medics coffee

somewhere there's an overturned horsecart, naked bodies,
nothing moving, the light was so brilliant, charred world

Working on skin tool bolted fieldwork

now wrythe wheep whrite :: muddy field torn trees torn limbs
bodythornlamp burning / cannon / everything destroyed
:: cut through bodies :: get out of here ::
so worn this taking dead skin skin death now dead now now

this skin death dead now


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