[NetBehaviour] Positive AI

Edward Picot julian.lesaux at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 18:41:45 CET 2018


This probably won't be very helpful, but when I saw your message first
of all I thought the title was 'Positive Al' (short for Alan), and I
thought maybe you'd created a character called Al who always took the
positive view of everything. I used to have a character along those
lines myself, called Cheerful Bob. I've still got some Cheerful Bob
comic-strips knocking around somewhere: I used to make them up with my
daughter Rachel. It was a very stormy night one night, so the roof got
blown off Cheerful Bob's house. "I like a bit of fresh air", said
Cheerful Bob. Then it rained harder and harder, so eventually it flooded
and Cheerful Bob got swept out to sea. "I was just thinking about a
visit to the seaside," said Cheerful Bob. Then he got picked up and
carried off by pirates. "Life on the ocean wave!" said Cheerful Bob " -
just what I've always dreamed about!" And so on and so forth.

So... maybe you could create a program, or robot or whatever, called
Positive Al, which always responds with a positive suggestion, whatever
input it gets? Just a thought.

Good luck with the project, anyway.


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