[NetBehaviour] "what's the point of being perfect?"

helen varley jamieson helen at creative-catalyst.com
Wed Jan 17 15:13:17 CET 2018

finally i managed to listen to the recording of randall's interview with
marc & ruth - i was present for the first half hour, but unfortunately
had to leave. so it's great to have the recording! (a little bit
frustrating not to be able to read the chat, but listening is the main

it's lovely to hear marc & ruth tell the story of furtherfield & various
artists & projects along the way, it really gives an overview of the
phases and progress of not only internet art and online communities but
also of the wider social, political & economic context of the time(s).
it's really something special that furtherfield has persisted, in a
world where financial pressures, burn-out, changing trends, etc mean
that many initiatives are pretty short-lived. it's in large part thanks
to the strength of ruth & marc, but also the fact that furtherfield
isn't only ruth & marc, it really is a community. we need furtherfield,
furtherfield needs us, & it's a nurturing feedback loop :)

near the end of the interview, marc asks (rhetorically), "what's the
point of being perfect?" most of us have experienced being paralysed by
perfectionism, and agonised over imperfections. but marc's right, being
perfect is something to strive for, but if we actually get there ...
then what???? failure is so much more interesting!!

so thanks marc, i'm holding onto that phrase as i struggle imperfectly on!

h : )

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