[NetBehaviour] PhD scholarship in AI+Games available for UK citizens or residents

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Wed Jan 17 15:35:30 CET 2018


we offer up to 4 PhD studenships based at Goldsmiths (to cover fees and 
provide a stipend
(to help cover your living expenses), plus some additional perks (e.g. 
conference fees))
for research at the crossings of AI and Computer Games and with 
applications in potentially
all domains (from health, to the arts, to manufacturing and beyond).

Typical duration is four (4) years, and it includes 1 or 2 internships 
(e.g. in a games studio or an R&D organisation),
and usually starts in September.

NB: *Only UK citizens* or *UK residents* for a minimum of *3 years* can 
be financially supported (a restriction
from our funders).

I am keen to collaborate with a smart individual with good skills in 
programming and other disciplines
who likes maths and AI and games in general.

Current main topics I would be keen to support could involve one or many 
of :
  - AI/Machine learning, e.g. to help in labelling large data sets 
towards deep learning training
      (such as re-purposing games asset creation for automatic driving, 
of for navigating complex data,
        e.g. in the biomedical field or for climate science, or else (do 
suggest one)).
  - AI for agent/virtual (non-playing) characters (or NPCs).
  - Gamification of scientific problems, towards crowd sourcing or 
      e.g. the project I co-run: http://bioblox.org/
  - AI in games to make virtual characters more human like, e.g. 
providing them
     with artistic behaviors; check the project I co-run with a current 
IGGI student (artist, programmer, Daniel Berio):

... but do suggest other topics eventually (more on me, my research 
interests : www.folleymarie.com)

Details on *how to apply*:

*Deadline*: end of January.
(but contact me ASAP if interested so we iterate on your research 
proposal and documents).


Frederic Fol Leymarie
Goldsmiths, University of London

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