[NetBehaviour] To the Lords of Google Earth | Performance | Transmediale 2018

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Brilliant! Great stuff Marc!

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To the Lords of Google Earth.

"Through proprietorial protocols and neoliberal gusto; you have begun to cut, or that through fear and covetousness, do intend to cut down the woods and trees that grow upon the commons as well as dominate the networked cables for your personal gain, and disrupt our collective, social liberty; A Declaration from the Poor oppressed People of Google Earth and this land." (Winstanley & Garrett 1649-2018)

Marc Garrett performs an updated version of Gerrard Winstanley's 'A Declaration from the Poor Oppressed People of England' originally published in 1649.

Winstanley was one of the founders of the English group known as the True Levellers or the Diggers. The group occupied public lands that had been privatised by enclosures. Garrett proposes that True Levellers or Diggers, and later the Luddites, were radically innovative, hacktivists in their own times, and we can still learn from their ideas, intentions and imaginative maneuvers against top-down domination by neoliberal elites whether it involves technological and or physical contexts.


#01 bookmark | Tell It Like It Is: transmediale 2018 Opening Rally (Really)
Wed, 31.01.2018 19:00 – 20:30
Auditorium Special event - https://2018.transmediale.de/

Wishing you well.

Marc Garrett

Co-Founder, Co-Director and main editor of Furtherfield.
Art, technology and social change, since 1996

Furtherfield Gallery & Commons in the park
Finsbury Park, London N4 2NQ
Currently writing a PhD at Birkbeck University, London
Just published: Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain
Eds, Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones, & Sam Skinner
Liverpool Press - http://bit.ly/2x8XlMK

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