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On 23/01/18 23:49, Alan Sondheim wrote:
> Music.
> http://www.alansondheim.org/uv24.jpg
> http://www.alansondheim.org/parlorrain.mp3
> http://www.alansondheim.org/uv14.jpg
> I create music because I find music a problem.
> I play thinking about that problem, that set of problems.
> For example, embodiment and sound.
> For example, thought and sound.
> Or the obdurate in music, or what constitutes attention.
> Or the withdrawal of attention, and then, procedures.
> Or not procedures but unconscious choice.
> Which then returns to procedures and a kind of exhaustion.
> Or the instrument itself, instruments themselves.
> And what constitutes the tending of these instruments.
> What constitutes their embodiment and sound.
> And what of the thinking of these instruments.
> Their obdurate.
> The attentiveness necessary for the production of sound.
> And what are the channels of sound through and around them.
> What of their relation to us, their beings to us.
> The semiotics of sound which is always already behind us.
> The semiotics of silence which is always before us.
> The sound which is yet to be produced.
> The memory of sound which has been produced.
> The memory of structure and of structures of structures.
> The attentiveness to that memory.
> The withdrawal of attentiveness from that memory.
> And the unwieldiness of this situation.
> Or these situations.
> And the obdurate or dynamics of that unwieldiness.
> So there is this set of problems and pleasure plays no part.
> Or pleasure or unpleasure surrounds this set.
> Surrounds this set as forgotten or as a diacritical mark.
> The mark which tethers the music to the social or example.
> Or to accomplishment for example.
> Or the lack of accomplishment.
> Or the aegis of failure or success.
> So that I am not a musician or am a faux musician.
> Or am a musician manque or a failed musician.
> Or someone walking near a parapet in the fog.
> The walkway along the bank of a nighttime river.
> The sound of the water moving slowly.
> The lights by which I insist this is not a program.
> Nor programmatic music nor a lyric.
> It is a walk by the Thames on a rainy night.
> It is March 1824 and the moon is new.
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