[NetBehaviour] stabbing

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Jul 4 19:25:33 CEST 2018


stabbing32 from original documents -- reflection from policecar
lights on our wall, processed (almost pitch-dark with the
lights). the victim, who lived, (we think) was stabbed twice on
the stairs across the street. the perpetrator is still at large.

more information from a distance: stabbing scene in providence
ri, on the stairs leading to the cathedral - somewhat processed


the eight-second video was reduced from a .mov that is about 370
megabytes in size. the other longer video was reduced from a
..mov about half a gigabyte. these are much larger then normal,
the result of processing of noise elements.

update: there is no update. many stories here are forgotten,
buried; many names disappear, the body in the river, the
wounded girlfriend of the unarmed driver killed in a hail of
bullets, perhaps this man now in hospital - a narrative sheen,
there is no end to it. the channels run tangled and deep in
providence and the remnants, a car part, police tape, blood-
stain or time mark, remains as mute and stillborn clues to what?
- perhaps nothing more than random violence, skeins of influence
and invisible communication - and perhaps nothing less than a
memory of a western world tottering on the brink. like noise in
the images and video, anyone can say anything (quote from john
cayley); anyone always does.


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