[NetBehaviour] we drown in history.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jul 12 04:47:40 CEST 2018

we drown in history.


we are drowning in history.
everything we remember is debris.
we are choking on our own debris.
we refuse to see the new sun.
the fury of the new sun annihilates us.
who will remember what was so important.
we are drowning in data-bases.
what was so important to us? what was?
to you as well? just yesterday you said...

history is a cinder.
our bodies are fuel for a dying star.
look, there goes one.
i remember when.
i remember when i remembered nothing.
that nothing is now.

o tender is the night.
o tender is the night of forgetting.
o tender is the night of the forgotten.
that night is now.
that night drowns us.
day too, that drowns us.
day two.

when suicide is the answer the question is the burning day.
the day of history. the infamy that will live forever.
that day of memories. we are drowning in memories.
that day of memorials...
pain laps at the history of organisms.
every organism has resolution. the evanescence of an instant.
every organism is already gone.
it carries its death everywhere like a carapace.
it only knows what it knows.
i forget that. we only know what we know and then less.
and then history.
and then that history that drowns us.
and then that history of that.
and then relegation.

did someone in this room mention relegation.
is this is a room.
is there relegation here.
we are drowning in history that is the absence of history.
our cells for consumption elsewhere.
databases the new imperium.
they carry the drowned. they carry us.
oh for insertion in the plank.
that moment which is already gone.

the database has left the room.
the room has left too.

< everything we remember is debris.
> everything we remember is debris.

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