[NetBehaviour] rag(g)ed new world/s

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jul 22 19:54:49 CEST 2018

rag(g)ed new world/s


& time, dragged the metaphor up. nothing new. having time on its
hands, it began dependency, down, devolved, drowned, died,
seetheed with ragged outlines of ships. nomadic groups cohere by
virtue of being left behind. there's no presence for pre-med
images. but ellipsis captures our attention "and one day men
careen from their houses, lightning, sky-cracked, raged and
broken porcelain. an older mind ation generates furious behavior
clusters; sensors shoot to running controls. configurations
interfere - not many pixels available! against pines and rocks
similar broken forms, edges, fragments, languages, scrolls. &
the ruins. because of straggled feet that rise, lumber off in
any direction but their own. creating appearance slope. when
lines too distort their patterns, some cyberspace is left, no?

lost everything, behind horses scorpions. arms weave following
culmination certain directions associated motion capture
particular, operating near far receiving antenna, mixed sensors.
both positions, configuration infinities back again. heads may
detach cartoon integrity returns such. reading, different,
-jectivity; reading external, internal. searches coherency:
which body belongs organ? -jectivity follows organ, head, limb
paths, identification approaching, consummating, withdrawing,
churning. this brownian motion, radically integral.  ed what's
written, goes everyone other, torn down beneath etiquette,
protocol, existence? trees. os eyes ovo stared out edges;
closer, their mouths them deathsshore sea-bottom again? nikuko
cig flicked stoned-bridge, running under torii. edges texts,
pared preparing way or being dragged, hair streaming red against
canvas. or imaginary peak mountain, thou penetrated! we leaving
japan will be nomail offline line peaks cloud o'er, fine dismay,
when think despicable crime was dragged. not drugged
dissolutions almost what remains fragments might say narrative
has gap, language you could see thinned mushroomed pillars those
email lists? i'm at drooped dragged: signs avatars, you're
shuddering, wings split multiples, ragged- broken branches;
trees blasted wind; they're vergr wn limbs cragged, encrusting
gr screaming of sleighbells, whinny frozen breath seemed change,
look apprehensive, he his feet along ant grasshopper across
room. left grasshopper. 'stitched suture' ! nudging words makes
skid marks soul. dragged noun. stuttered, slip / stick
methodology true bow. forcements, insisting accompaniment c
every conceiv- swagger haggle jagged wagged fragged lost, air
emptied listening, twigs loved. i am nijinski, ballet's twig.
fail must between scraps clutter, right? <nikuko> lag! lag! &
gone nikuko w/such debris swept twice yearly. pills daily,
computer defragged point sings life universe oud drone. frame,
mouth, eye, nose outlined, blackday tan-cot-tan, skin, without
beginning end, an equator inscribed surface. imagine another,
gulf sides, extending - linked nets salt hinge alone. now notice
bodysphere ragged; result marked inscription? discrimination?
subsequent close somewhat style, inherent, style strings sound
now 'ragged' transforms within information created annihilated.
reach news for good measure, behind. rhythm holds, center plays
limits; seduction at edge failure, becomes content organism
itself, forbids entry. gates. signature music raggedness, dance
stopped, lights went black. piece, raggedly edgedlulu herself
ground, clothes textures objects signing in; moment corroded
object: nub lip potential well: smooth hard up. deliberate
working instrument free fissured flat; suicide points slow
dragged-out other recording company director; having got
raggedy-marching! god religion sic raggedy help stirring mns
ncement intelligence, reason. comfort 9-----of am
screen-mammary. indexical, lure. tongues, moisture falter: here?
watching, spanked being-done-to doing-to cybertalk, rod(ent),
bite. medusa, health. drag care. plane. darkness. "across border
syria, islamic state fighters bragged streets called said she
beat up, had poured location transportation sold. minute
disclaim blame crime. maybe * | her, where children. he bit bows
shoot grass figure girls -- robe. touching . should we waited
until escutcheons were parables, "should till scutcheons melody
after everything else. playing around rishi ..for 14 minutes.

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