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Hi Edward

Don't know why I am *so* irritated by this event and the press that 
surrounds it.

Oh hang on a minute... yes I do... complacent, stuck-up establishment 
(including JJ on this occasion- who has had every opportunity to dig a 
little deeper), closing ranks, using the organs of the media to shore up 
their own interests by denying the possibility and existence of other 
emerging cultures.

A very British style of suppression. This is a microcosm of culture in 
the UK as we approach Brexit. The establishment feigns to be unable to 
conceive of or discover, anything of value forming outwith their own 
circles. Or what Beatriz Ramos from DadaNYC describes as a 
reinforced-concrete bubble. She was there, and is eloquent in her 
frustration https://steemit.com/art/@dadanyc/when-worlds-collide

And here is an example of an experimental artwork that points to the 
deep tensions and poetics in the space that we might productively explore
Flower tokens by terra0 is project centered around the tokenization and 
verification of natural commodities, and a first attempt at creating a 
combined crypto-collectible physical asset. https://flowertokens.terra0.org/


On 20/07/18 20:09, Edward Picot via NetBehaviour wrote:
> A review of Christie's Art + Tech Summit: Exploring Blockchain 
> <https://christies.com/exhibitions/2018/art-and-tech-summit-exploring-blockchain#programmeinfo_Nav>, 
> which took place on Tuesday in London:
> https://artreview.com/opinion/online_opinion_jj_charlesworth_art_market_blockchain_christies/?utm_source=ArtReview+newsletters&utm_campaign=e8f93e8858-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_03_22_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_771b894a92-e8f93e8858-222819837&mc_cid=e8f93e8858&mc_eid=f30424ebd7
> JJ Charlesworth is the same guy who wrote an article in ArtReview not 
> so long ago about Maecenas, the blockchain-based forum for selling 
> little bits of artwork online, which claims to 'democratise' the art 
> market. He's obviously interested in the intersection between art 
> markets, new technology, and the profit motive: 'But equally obvious 
> in the push for a more trustworthy art market is the keen desire to 
> make lots of money out of it. Inevitably, cryptocurrency approaches to 
> financialising the art market loomed large.'
> Interesting and infuriating in just about equal measure.
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