[NetBehaviour] blank slate meristemation

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
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blank slate meristemation

"The Book of Nature" - a new metaphor


for example, biome competition, commons, communalities,
phototaxis, slurry, microbiomes, interiorities, obdurate
presence, leave-taking, ur, ouroboros, taxonic / agonic
fragmentation, substrate churning, holdfast and hyper-
holdfasting, totipotency, 'meristem (noun), plant tissue
responsible for growth, whose cells divide and differ-
entiate to form the tissues and organs of the plant. &
maybe there is no process called "meristemisation." & you
could try coining a word "meristemation" to indicate the
formation or emergence of such cells. & you can do all
sorts of things, these organisms are obdurate as are their
strata in relation to the symbolic. & you can argue this
all you want & this location.'

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