[NetBehaviour] there's something in this

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jun 24 01:05:23 CEST 2018

there's something in this


% history history
ksh: fc: history: not in history
% history history
8       history history
k10% history history history
9       history history
% history date
12      date history

Wait stop This is no way to precede History doesn't function
this way. there are no periods in history. today history is a
bad pun. Yesterday history was a bad pun. I already here myself
not in history. To be not in history doesn't necessarily produce
a reasonable or interesting text . In fact it doesn't produce a
text at all . if I return I lose the memory of already having
been there . If I return I am in exactly the same state I was in
which is the same state I am in. Zero always animals which
understand this period There always animals Which have no
relationship to numbers. Already this is at a Las Because
dictation already fail .

Wait. stop. There is something else to think about In the future
all of these people all of these animals will have disappeared.
No matter what ecology services No matter what services ecology
Nothing will survive. We are in a temporary stasys. we are in a
healis. We have nothing to go on but the imminent . Wait stop .

Wait. stopped. Style does nothing Either neither does Neither
does. neither does puns Or easy commentary on the Linux Terminal
Line. Aphorisms are useful only in relation 2 larger history.
Otherwise otherwise what they do Is collapse thought Into the
flatness Office MA otice plane Characterized by spider . All
they do Is collapse thought Into the flatness of a Symbiotic
plane Characterize By splatter .  all they do is collapse
thought into the flatness of a semiotic plane characterized by
splatter. period.

There something in this period there is something to this period
There's something before this period There is something after
this period There is something above this period there's
something below this period There's something to the side of
this period There's something within this period There's
something without this period There's something bringing this to
an end . there's something bringing this to an end period

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