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really like this work, having difficult opening the other images (first in
the series usually opens, a glitch itself at my end.
would like to see an end to history. in the . of my lifetime. if there were
the possibility of the effacement of the subjunctive . replacement w/
eternity . /collapse of/ religion lies that way . in that direction .

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>> % history history
>> ksh: fc: history: not in history
>> % history history
>> 8       history history
>> k10% history history history
>> 9       history history
>> % history date
>> 12      date history
>> Wait stop This is no way to precede History doesn't function
>> this way. there are no periods in history. today history is a
>> bad pun. Yesterday history was a bad pun. I already here myself
>> not in history. To be not in history doesn't necessarily produce
>> a reasonable or interesting text . In fact it doesn't produce a
>> text at all . if I return I lose the memory of already having
>> been there . If I return I am in exactly the same state I was in
>> which is the same state I am in. Zero always animals which
>> understand this period There always animals Which have no
>> relationship to numbers. Already this is at a Las Because
>> dictation already fail .
>> Wait. stop. There is something else to think about In the future
>> all of these people all of these animals will have disappeared.
>> No matter what ecology services No matter what services ecology
>> Nothing will survive. We are in a temporary stasys. we are in a
>> healis. We have nothing to go on but the imminent . Wait stop .
>> Wait. stopped. Style does nothing Either neither does Neither
>> does. neither does puns Or easy commentary on the Linux Terminal
>> Line. Aphorisms are useful only in relation 2 larger history.
>> Otherwise otherwise what they do Is collapse thought Into the
>> flatness Office MA otice plane Characterized by spider . All
>> they do Is collapse thought Into the flatness of a Symbiotic
>> plane Characterize By splatter .  all they do is collapse
>> thought into the flatness of a semiotic plane characterized by
>> splatter. period.
>> There something in this period there is something to this period
>> There's something before this period There is something after
>> this period There is something above this period there's
>> something below this period There's something to the side of
>> this period There's something within this period There's
>> something without this period There's something bringing this to
>> an end . there's something bringing this to an end period
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