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that is sad news indeed :( is there nowhere that it can be archived?
(regina - are you still on this list?)

h : /

On 29.06.2018 21:30, Edward Picot via NetBehaviour wrote:
> I just had the following message from Regina Celia Pinto: "After July,
> The Museum of The Essential and Beyond That and The Library of Marvels
> will closed because I am not working on them and because the cost to
> keep them on line will be very expensive after July."
> If you've never visited them it might be worth having a look before
> they disappear. The Museum of the Essential is at
> http://www.arteonline.arq.br/ and The Library of Marvels is a
> subsection of it, at http://arteonline.arq.br/library.htm . There's
> probably too much on there to take in all at once, but if you've got
> time to browse around a bit and pay a few return visits, they contain
> a jaw-dropping array of work. Back in the early 2000s Regina was very
> active on the now-moribund WebArtery list: she was a tireless and
> selfless promoter of other people's work, and a considerable artist in
> her own right, as she still is.
> It'll be sad to lose these sites.
> Edward
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