[NetBehaviour] etude

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Jun 30 14:52:57 CEST 2018


http://www.alansondheim.org/etude0.mp3 bowed rebab
http://www.alansondheim.org/etude1.mp3 violin
http://www.alansondheim.org/etude2.mp3 rebab

"for i am speaking of etude, the grace of being, contemplation,
for a moment of grace, for etude and deepest sleep _disetude_...
There is no voice, we remind each other: there are players
walking the stage of history and etude. bansari, odd end-blown
flute, for need more room, etude place. has some etude pebble
winds answering, effluent hear, capable hearing. all. repetition
way asymptotic way, etude emerging somewhere etude! perceived as
uncanny silence forms! forming; caress restore, disappearance
humans, millennial etude, hearth of etude, silence to place
andthink of the etude and slow streamings, and etude against
incandescent horizons, interference in etude or flux planation,
the etude of familiality, the space where everything is of the
language of words and their talisman and of death, etude of in
the world, and to the potential etude at the heart of it. not-
doing none, empty, etude of leaden skies... well in blood-red
visuality; the etude of the fair absence of interference in
etude or flux. fitting in with the etude, i'd be around the
corner, heaps and stones slow streamings, etude murmurs of
pebble exuding infinite etude. all silence, words are not better
than... etude, modes of dissemination. all gods are smoothed,
all gods are filled with the etude of rustlings, packaging
produce/ (Julu) reproduce/ (Jennifer). Her etude, figures and
none, empty, etude of leaden skies... etude for now, for us, for
everyone need more room, need etude and place. The qin has some
rough cough, preparing me for the meditation and etude necessary
to house around the corner, talked, read. beyond that, quiet,
etude. she is already sounding tired, retired, of a etude, i
don't know her world as one of threshold logics, maintenance,
etc. Think of the etude slow streamings, etude in utter etude
voice etude and it was him that i looked to for guidance and
way, etude emerging somewhere around planck. Or not etude,
meditation etude fierce visualization branching murmurs the
etude of familiality, the space where everything is and etude,
and modes of dissemination etude murmurs of pebble movement who
is counting here who knows the names"

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