[NetBehaviour] The Blockchain as a Modulator of Existence

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Mon Mar 5 12:24:24 CET 2018

Sorry, Marc, I'm going to have to pass on this one. 'Protocological 
internet layer'... 'ongoing expansion of identification strategies'... 
'a sovereign chronological regime'... 'capacities to proof... data'? What?

I thought maybe he was just trying to make a big impression in the 
opening paragraph, but no: here's the next sentence from the online 
article: 'Without doubt, one of the most common and important techniques 
since the advent of massified networked computing has been the basic 
computational operation to copy and paste.'

'Massified networked computing'? 'Basic computational operation'? It's 
writing, Jim, but not as we know it.


On 05/03/18 10:53, marc.garrett via NetBehaviour wrote:
> The Blockchain as a Modulator of Existence
> By: Oliver Leistert
> "The advent of the blockchain as a protocological internet layer for 
> values corresponds to a continuing monetization pressure and ongoing 
> expansion of identification strategies. Notwithstanding these 
> trajectories, behind this prospected killer application resides first 
> of all a sovereign chronological regime that has the capacities to 
> proof and modulate the existence, identity and administration of data, 
> assets, goods and services from a distance on micrological scales."
> http://bit.ly/2FeZNCl
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