[NetBehaviour] The Blockchain as a Modulator of Existence

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Tue Mar 6 03:20:57 CET 2018

"ongoing expansion of identification strategies"

If this is the case then this is an expansion *into* cryptocurrencies,
not out of them.
"This time stamp marks the beginning of what might be called the
It doesn't, any more than a password or a directory listing do.

"It is this basic operation of use control that renders (digital)
objects insusceptible to theft and illegal uses."
This is a pre-emptive concession of absolute victory to a degree that
even those that seek to create that future can only dream of.
- Rob.

On Mon, 5 Mar 2018, at 2:53 AM, marc.garrett via NetBehaviour wrote:
> The Blockchain as a Modulator of Existence
> By: Oliver Leistert
> "The advent of the blockchain as a protocological internet layer for
> values corresponds to a continuing monetization pressure and ongoing
> expansion of identification strategies. Notwithstanding these
> trajectories, behind this prospected killer application resides first
> of all a sovereign chronological regime that has the capacities to
> proof and modulate the existence, identity and administration of data,
> assets, goods and services from a distance on micrological scales."> 
> http://bit.ly/2FeZNCl
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