[NetBehaviour] join us Thursday for the online symposium and performance

Annie Abrahams bram.org at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 13:23:04 CEST 2018

As you know we are preparing for the performance *Online En-semble -
Entanglement Training* that we (*Antye Greie*, *Helen Varley Jamieson*, *Soyung
Lee*, *Huong Ngô*, *Daniel Pinheiro*, *Igor Stromajer* and me) will propose
at the first day of the The Art of the Networked Practice Online Symposium

I wrote a post where I introduce the artists and tell something about how I
met them and who they are *Training Entanglement with whom?*

Randall Packer wrote about our preparations in *Disentangling the
And in *A promise of internationalism*
he introduces Maria Chatzichristodoulou's keynote of the same day.

Here is a short video of our Latency Training https://youtu.be/X-mETHIZrU8.

If you want to join, which I hope some of you will do, here is a link where
you can find how to prepare yourself for the event.
It will only take a few minutes.

All the best
Annie Abrahams

Ps Good luck with DAOWO workshop, *What Will It Be Like When We Buy An
Island (on the blockchain)?*
in London.
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