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> Dear Netbehaviour coordinators,
> Our wish is that this can be of interest to you.
> Kind Regards
> Becomebecome Team
> **
> A Becomebecome art residency, Exhibition, and Symposium in Sardinia, Italy
> 19th to 27th of June - 2018
> becomebecome.com/origins-2018
> About
> Becomebecome invites artists, curators, and researchers, to apply for its
> 4th nomadic residency and exhibition program taking place in the island of
> Sardinia in collaboration with IVYnode, Stazione dell'Arte Museum of
> Contemporary Art, the Monastery of Santa Rosa, and the Municipalities of
> Nurri and Ulassai.
> This full-immersive journey investigates practical approaches to the theme
> 'A Call to Origins'. During this 9-day residency in the heart of Sardinia,
> we will have a unique opportunity to transform, make, and exhibit our work
> in the Monastery of Nurri and the surrounding area. Becomebecomers will
> also participate at the Symposium on transdisciplinary education organized
> in collaboration with Stazione dell'Arte - Museum of Contemporary Art.
> What does it mean to connect to origins? Are they located in the past,
> future or both? What role do our surroundings play in connecting to our
> roots? Can we connect to our roots through someone else's work?
> The choice of Sardinia with its rich countryside and astounding history
> draws all participants towards a calm environment, resplendent with
> history, mystery, and ancestral inspiration- characteristics that are ideal
> to build on the transdisciplinary and transpersonal qualities that
> Becomebecome residencies are known for. Through a range of practical labs,
> perception strategies, subconscious expeditions with dreams, and body-labs,
> our peer-to-peer methodology will help bring forth effective inspiration
> and create unexpected new developments for the various projects proposed by
> the participants.
> We will visit places of archeological interest known for their strong
> mystical appeal and we will explore the territory, connecting with nature
> and the surrounding area. Participating artists, researchers and curators
> will have an opportunity to engage in fruitful dialogue with participants
> from all over the world while connecting with the local art community. The
> natural environment also assists in moving beyond the ordinary routines of
> one's work and access a unique sensory landscape where new ideas, and
> connections can trigger new insight.
> Exhibition
> As a sponsor Becomebecome Sardinia, the Municipality of Nurri opens the
> doors of the Monastery of Santa Rosa to our artists, researchers and
> curators ​for an exhibit at a stunningly unique location. The Monastery
> complex dates back to the 17th century and presents a large number of rooms
> and outdoor spaces to accommodate anything from traditionally hung work to
> larger-scale installations.  Unlike traditional shows, Becomebecome
> exhibits showcase work-in-progress as a way to encourage process-based
> approaches to art and feedback from the community. This feedback affects
> long-term changes in the participants' work patterns, and is key to the
> evolution of the work, which will continue to evolve beyond the days of the
> residency.
> Symposium
> In addition to the exhibit, becomebecomers are invited to participate to a
> symposium organised with, and hosted by, Stazione dell'Arte Contemporary
> Art Museum, the symposium is an invitation to a day of exchange, project
> presentations and labs taking place at the museum. Stazione dell'Arte works
> with the idea of a distributed museum, or 'Museo Diffuso', Becomebecome
> participants are given a platform to present art and research on "A Call to
> Origins"  that is distributed, peer-to-peer, process-based, and grow beyond
> the limits of conventional art spaces to reach individuals of local and
> global communities.
> One of the important inspirations for this gathering is the well-known
> Sardinian artist Maria Lai, whose work is strongly connected to the theme
> of 'origins' and uses diverse outdoor and indoor spaces to present engaging
> work which grows beyond the boundaries of traditional art spaces. Her
> pieces have been exhibited at the 2017 Venice Biennial and Stazione
> dell'Arte, in addition to showing her work, is committed to engaging in
> local and international dialogue on art that finds creative ways to involve
> viewers around the theme of origins.
> Accommodation
> During the residency, accommodations for the participants are provided at
> the Hotel Istellas, on the shores of Lake Flumendosa. A unique landscape
> right at the Hotel entrance door is available for artists that want to
> connect with nature and the surroundings at their own rhythm.  Included in
> the participation fee for the residency is a comfortable bed in a double
> room shared with one other Becomebecome participant. Breakfast and an
> additional meal during the day are also included. There are limited options
> for individual rooms (extra charge) in case participants prefer to stay on
> their own. Istellas has welcomed art-based projects in the past and offers
> a perfect place to experience a less commercial and more authentic side of
> Sardinia, while providing ample space for workshops, movement labs and the
> creation of new artworks.
> The Territory
> The territory of Sardinia offers an extraordinary concentration of trace
> of the past and there are many settlements of great archaeological interest
> that have turned into cultural points of reference. Nuraghi, Menirs, Domus
> de janas, and the Tombs of Giants, were built between 3400 and 2700 BC, and
> dated to the late Neolithic, Chalcolithic and early Bronze Age, Many other
> compelling sites will also make for an invaluable source of inspiration on
> the theme of origins. An exciting program of site-visits and other options
> for exploration awaits all participants of the residency.
> Who Can Apply?
> Artists, curators and researchers from all backgrounds are invited to
> participate in the open call. The diversity of participants in previous
> events has created fresh outlooks, exceptional work, and brilliant insight.
> As we look towards future projects, our vision is to continue building on
> the unique synergies created during the residency at this powerful location.
> To apply, send the following information to info at becomebecome.com
> ​       - A statement about the project you wish to work on (max. 280
> words)
>       - A bio (max. 180 words)
>       - A web link to your art work or research (if available)
> How is the residency funded?
> BecomeBecome is a non-profit network of individuals and social actors that
> host nomadic residencies across Europe and beyond. Our strategy is to keep
> costs to a minimum while sharing the resources of partners who sponsor,
> promote and provide a platform for important parts of the residency. We
> keep our open call free of charge and participants contribute a fee only
> once they have been admitted to ensure that the basic expenses can be
> covered.
> The cost of the residency, including 8 nights accommodation in a double
> room at Hotel Istellas, half board, group excursions to the territory, and
> project development labs with our facilitators is 680€.
> on the 19th of June
> DEPARTURE on the 27th of June​
> 21st of April 2018
> Early application strongly advised.
>> All partners of the BecomeBecome team are looking forward to receiving
> your application and create an unforgettable experience together.
> You can visit us at becomebecome.com/origins-2018
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