[NetBehaviour] Presentation at Eyedrum, Atlanta, 2016

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed May 2 02:06:11 CEST 2018

Presentation at Eyedrum, Atlanta, 2016

thanks to Neil Fried, Robby Kee, many others -

https://www.eyedrum.org/calendar/ (may not load)

May 20, 2016, presentation with Azure Carter. Recently I heard
from Robby Kee, who recorded us; here are four files, including
an intro to the music, a question and answer, and two songs with
Azure (voice, song) and myself (viola, saz, improvisation). The
acoustics are really strange, I think. The rest of the presen-
tation involved the work I've done on edge/blank/game-space,
virtual world phenomenology, etc. The whole event, which was
well attended, lasted a couple of hours -

Eyedrum has been one of my favorite spaces ever (the other being
Furtherfield and its extensions); it's been a one of the centers
of Atlanta 'edgy' work for a long time. (Hats off to Robert
Cheatham and others here!) I included the url above. It's going
through difficult times; there were a number of amazing
alternative spaces - really alternative - in downtown Atlanta,
and there was a devastating fire... Stay tuned, and if you're
around or have an inclination, do what you can to support them.

Thanks, Alan

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