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Hi Alan 
What is really significant about all this, though, is that this shocking racism has cost the Home Secretary, one of the high offices of the British State, her job, and it has transformed the terms of the debate on race here.Even in sleepy old Harlow -where anti racist campaigners have been regularly abused in the past couple of years- I know, I've been threatened and even spat on - a campaign stall last Saturday calling for Rudd's ( and May's) resignation was warmly supported.The local MP ( from May's party) and his supporters were campaigning nearby for this Thursday local elections.. 
They packed up when we started shouting -'How do you know when a Tory is lying? -Their lips move!'
Across the country ordinary people have not conformed to the media narrative of bigotry but have been shocked by what has gone on
You can see the banners we used here:https://www.flickr.com/photos/szpako/41035408564/

Now we need to push forward to get rid of the vile racist May  (who bigged up the 'hostile environment' and continues to muddy the water by scapegoating 'undeserving' immigrants) and the rest of her party. 
This is do-able.  No need for despair, no justification for passivity, every reason for hope ...
warmest wishesMichael

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Apologies for not having heard of this; as you know, we have our own 
simmilar forms of brutality here...

Thanks, Alan

On Tue, 1 May 2018, Johannes Birringer wrote:

> Dear Alan
> yes, it probably is precisely as horrific as you felt it was,
> there is much debate currently in the Uk about the "Windrush" generation and people who came here many years ago from the Caribbean
> and have lived and worked and paid taxes in England but some have no passports or legal documents and many have been threatened
> or had been under threat of what these unspeakably pitiful politicians call "enforced return." Some who visited former folks/family in Jamaica
> were unable to return to their children in England. Immigration removal, what a ghastly notion.
> Johannes Birringer
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> -
> ? Can someone please comment on this? Is this as horrific as it sounds?
> Thanks, Alan, apologies for off-topic?
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