[NetBehaviour] best sarangi

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue May 8 22:28:45 CEST 2018

best sarangi


(the sarangi is the newer one on the right.
best0 is short, edged; best1 is longer, meditative)

the sound follows me, will follow me, the best music ever. i
think the best music is more interesting than no music at all
and i'm really sure of this. for one thing, it's the best music!
it's no sin to make the very best music!
this best music and best memory is the space-time of perfect
expansion, i'd go on, out of sure happiness but don't want to
bore you!
best music? of course, what else on a clear spring day!
and i'm inside and thinking about the perfect sarangi!
i'm totally happy to play the best music. yes i am!

i can for the life of me and the planet make this sarangi sound
perfect. my playing is the best on it! this music is moving and
motivating and more than that. i'll have the best dreams with
this perfect music. i hope it leads to world happiness! it's
simply the best i'll ever be able to do, and that's something!
i can't believe i did this! i can't. oh my god i really did it!

the best sarangi! my very best sarangi!
the best best sarangi is me!

"What music is to my ears, song is to my eyes, and both are to
my arms." (Beethoven)

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