[NetBehaviour] Furtherfield Editorial – Platforming Finsbury Park.

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Furtherfield Editorial – Platforming Finsbury Park.

This time it's public! What will it take for us to regain trust in social spaces online? We think public spaces have a role to play. Let's transform the park into a public platform for cultural adventure, art you can play with, social invention and reflection. By Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett.

"As Manuel Castells famously put it ‘The flows of power generate the power of flows, whose material reality imposes itself as a natural phenomenon that cannot be controlled or predicted… People live in places, power rules through flows’. And in network society these flows often have the power to wash clean away communities’ ties, extracting value and flowing it to the private interests of absent and distant persons and bodies."


Marc Garrett

Co-Founder, Co-Director and main editor of Furtherfield.
Art, technology and social change, since 1996

Furtherfield Gallery & Commons in the park
Finsbury Park, London N4 2NQhttp://www.furtherfield.org/gallery
Currently writing a PhD at Birkbeck University, London
Just published: Artists Re:thinking the Blockchain
Eds, Ruth Catlow, Marc Garrett, Nathan Jones, & Sam Skinner
Liverpool Press - http://bit.ly/2x8XlMK

Latest post: Unlocking Proprietorial Art Systems interview:
with Artists, Gretta Louw, Antonio Roberts & Annie Abrahams

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