[NetBehaviour] uncanny fossilizations of the still and immobilized image

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat May 12 04:42:16 CEST 2018

uncanny fossilizations of the still and immobilized image

flowering tree with ghost and borderline phenomena; who
would imagine that such immobility leads to the continuation
of one or another species?

lichen occlusions and contradistinctions, mostly from a single
unidentified species; there is room for everyone, but, within
the paralysis of the unmoving image, it's difficult to imagine
that anything but straightforward reproducibility _of the image
itself_ would be the result of its immersion in time.

another uncanny border, against an unidentified tree lies
dryad's saddle or hawks wing or pheasant back mushroom,
_polyporus squamosus,_ whose past and future are both unknown;
the image rests on the edge of the scythe blade of time,
neither here nor there, neither before or after. the relative
deadness of such images, and, hence, relative deadness of our
selves, asserts itself; as barthes might say, all images are
images of death; as i might say, not in relation to time, but
to the prevalence of digital media which always appear on the
verge of the shimmer or other untoward movement.

what is at work here is what i call the spectral mother,
immersion into the beyond of the variegated colorations of the
world. for in truth, i see to some extent into the ultraviolet,
and these flowers glowed brilliantly in such, against the
emergent dusk; thus what may not move in one direction, may move
in another, allowing us to take safe harbor there, waiting to
see beyond, into what the effusions of the future may bring, in
spite of, or perhaps due to, our absence in this and any other
worlds one might conjure down.

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