[NetBehaviour] 3 portraits and an absent fourth

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun May 13 18:33:03 CEST 2018

3 portraits and an absent fourth


How beautiful we were!
Those were the days!
We were so innocent then!
Such precious moments!
Look how young we were!
We thought the whole world was before us!
Such happy times together!

The muralist is an expert portraitist, avatartist.

portraiture.internet) I subscribe to.  In any case an odd
portrait emerges - self-portraiture is an occasional strong
point of an operational system; authority, a portrait of time.

you have the mundane portrait of the end-user, the only
conceivable portrait, leaning back in language, portrait of the
artist, portrait full of wonder. Always, Azure, Alan, and Adam
forgave each other - portraits appearing at the least likely of

"The muralist is an expert portraitist, avatartist."
(See above.)

It is said (of us), Everything is contained in these portraits.
portraits and architectures, tropic, optic.

wall portraits, cartouche, forced resonance, harmonic modes,
here for a moment for a slim series of portrait-images here and
now, visible gods we are against the red.

[update - self portrait on the edge]

...as a portrait of a particular. in time. Well then dispose not
of text, as if they ever matched, although I remember those
portraits full of wonder, always, Adam, Azure, and Alan forgave

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