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Wild Weed Kitchen - a performance by Monika Dutta & Jake Harries


A performance 14:00–16:00, Wed 16 May, in the large shop window of Access
Space Labs on Fitzalan Square, Sheffield.

Bringing wild food plants from their collaborative practice,"a little piece
of land", in the East Riding of Yorkshire, the artists will enact ways of
creating delicious meals from what would normally be thought of as
vegetation to be thrown away or destroyed...
These plants are the natural inhabitants of our part of the planet, and
need no help from us to grow. If we destroy them they will return. Human
beings use no energy to grow them, unlike farmed plants crops which require
huge amounts of fuel at all stages of cultivation and processing. These
plants are the ultimate sustainable food source, and they are all around
us, both in the rural and urban environments.

Through their practice the artists, Monika Dutta & Jake Harries, address
and explore models and patterns of energy generation and consumption, from
photosynthesis to the exhaustion of fossil fuel. They make work about the
relationship between food production, energy consumption and the globalised
market system in the context of climate change and social structures.

The artists are based in the East Riding of Yorkshire and Sheffield


Spring Uprising - a work in progress by Monika Dutta & Jake Harries
The Grace Gallery, Fitzalan Square, Sheffield.
16/17/18 May 7am-Midnight

The artists have been developing and testing a new work, Spring Uprising,
using wild food plants as a starting point. The result is a gently animated
sculpture and light installation, emulating movement in the natural
The work-in-progress exhibition will be visible through the door of The
Grace Gallery, Fitzalan Square from Wed 16th May to Fri 18th May. Due to it
being light based and days being so bright atm, it's probably best to see
it after 6pm. If you would like to go inside to see the work in a more
gallery style during the day, email jakeharries at gmail.com to view by


Four Short Films by Monika Dutta and Jake Harries
16/17/18/22/23/24/25 May. See Facebook for opening times.

Four Short Films is a video installation in Access Space Foyer,Sidney St,

It comprises of film, animation and drawing.

Three of the films are part of "element", a long term project which will
result in a body of cinematic work catalogued by the elements of the
periodic table; the intention to create 118 short films that exist as
vignettes of the natural world around us. The works have been made in
response to specific environments and capture particular instances within
these; collectively they represent the artists' desire to convey
experiences of being in the landscape as opposed to more direct and
illustrative responses that may be more about landscape. These three were
filmed in the Peak District National Park.
The final piece is a drawing with a twelve minute field recording of an
afternoon in June 2017 at the site of the artists collective practice , "a
little piece of land", where they have allowed the plant life to go wild
over six years allowing an increase in bird and insect species.


All the best
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