[NetBehaviour] distributed intelligence on the fly?

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thanks Marc for posting
just wanted to add that the text in Marc's mail was written by Daniel
Pinheiro one of the performers in the Entanglement Training
thanks Daniel


ps If you like the ReadingClub you can vote for the project here
The project has been nominated for H3K Basel's Netbased Award 2018.

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> distributed intelligence on the fly?
> on "Online En-semble - Entanglement Training" by Annie Abrahams reflecting
> on the performance made during 'Art of the Networked Practice Online
> Symposium - Third Space Network'
> co-creating between/with each others and with/through machines, building a
> common space of shared practice and practicing it in a distributed manner.
> A distributed intelligence simultaneously activated between its agents
> (performers and active viewers - engaging on producing textual content).
> to (re)think the network through these experiments towards the production
> of a collectiveness as we evolve to a futurity where regulations endanger
> the promises of distributed agency through this space.
> Are we at the moment where these networked environments, these
> topographies of networked experience, are not just an option but a way to
> reflect on the changes that are happening?
> https://aabrahams.wordpress.com/2018/05/13/distributed-
> intelligence-on-the-fly/
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