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Dami Farber


by Azure Carter

Azure woke out of a deep and murky dream - in a library, Ruth
Catlow and I pick up a local paper in which there is a blurb
about the two of us, comparing Ruth to Dami Farber and me to
Bruce Springsteen. After she told me this I went on an hours-
long search for "Dami Farber"; I finally found a cognate (scroll
down!) in a newspaper, The Chicago Heights Star, from 1952. The
resulting search text was over four-hundred lines long, but I
condensed it, using a perl program which eliminated duplicate
words. As far as I know, this clipping and Azure's dream name,
are the only two instances in the entire accessible corpus of
the Internet for "Dami Farber." This is an achievement of some
sort of course. (And of course, one must ignore the positions of
capitals and small letters to succeed at all!)

       The Chicago Heights Star
       Chicago Heights, Illinois
       Friday, April 25, 1952

Bloom Track A Tro/ans Play Pair at Leyden Cleator, School Get
Hill Nod Rained out of two engagements 11ns week. Bloom's
Troians have more reasons than one for hoping that tomorrow's
South Suburban conference baseball double header with Franklin
Park .goes off as scheduled. First, Coach Bert Moore's young
men, idle since halving a twin bill last Saturday Lockport, feel
the need exercise. So far this season hasn't produced many
games. Second. is commonly thought soft touch, espe- 1 nally in
pitching department. ] f batsmen haven't been especially noisy w
t h their sticks and regard variety weak batting average*. Look
Bissa has dropped three four lone success was no tribute to
Eagles pitching. It 16 11 slupfest Kankakee. Soaked match Argo
on Wednesday game previously rained 11, Hie Trojans got less an
inning Tuesday Calumet City. managed bat first inning, before
downpour washed away proceedings. trip worthwhile, obtained
brief glimpse Lou Bissa, Fractional's classy southpaw. Nothing
about made them sorry it rained. May 12 Oddly, enough City \\as
momentarily rain area Tuesday. When busload "athletes arrived
back they were greeted by si?ht frosh-soph b drill CHAA park
track practice Memorial field. Bloom-Argo rescheduled again,
time Monday, 12, Chicago; balls. Heights. Still be rebooked are'
THE hurdles, glides over crossbar pole vault. Holder 15- second
high hurdle effort :20.3 lows, Leoni will compete squad tomorrow
the^Wheaton relays. L EWIS BEKEZA, who s picked up e n c k m
"Zeke" . , ,,,,,,.,,,,-, /''Uirtrt n,-* Llrtirrkte? * +nl r +Vlf
minnl* IPntTllOS,. Vl f] S Bert's Plan Would've Foiled Rain Had
scheduling plctn advanced week Moore, coach, effect, games
postponed would played. run scheduled because theywoiild booked
when sun beamed Vcito oi SO degrees, instead Tuesday, rains
came. Mooie's plan falls Mondays Thursdajs lor automatic
rescheduling next day HIP event inclement weathqr. Fedo Wins
Again At that, postponement Tuesday's seems bit hasty, unless
fields City, Harvey caught the, n\erage rainfall Tues- d j winch
measured 0.13 inches. runotf Blue Island, \\heie home town
Cardinals bowed 1o LocKpoit, 7 ". Starting o u fur sc\eir dajs.
Ray chalked his Porters' third league Lockport lost one. portion
which attempt get against Park. ground-ball artists, from left,
are Tommy Bell, shortstop baseman; Bill Fomal, shortstop; Walt
Zawada, Tony Catch, lirst Bob Fairai, Pieper, Rich Zagone,
baseman. Puerto Rican Bids tor Post With A's Torres Doesn't
Speak English, Let's His Bat Do Talking Score Easy Victory
Triangular Blom's team stakes Its growing reputation Wheaton
relays cream Northern thin- clads, same sort competition into
Ralph E. Steben throwing indoor commenced January. Relays place
premium depth, so .doesn't appear any danger coming close
Wheaton, but interesting note performances Steben's upper flight
individuals. These include, --Clarence Jonas, crack miler turned
4:34 Indoors year. Jonas definite- )y tagged contender state
honors: --Wallace Branch, p hurdler broad jumper Part 2 25,1952
Iead JONAS 15. Bruce "Spi... Sc hoof, fellows hurled received
nominations set p. in. Impressive While southpaw absorbed 7-3
beating, he effective final score makes him appear. Spike
allowed only earned these put base judged fly ba Right-hander
Schoof impressive debut, blanking Porters singles leaving torn
minor leagues, \\hich Ferto did not hurl. "been promoted Class D
C ' More Twin Bills nlavpr manaeer Bluc Island held Last seaso 5
Beta's Central!.. I.I club fi- aMhe ^ tjnjo mshed both halves
Mississippi- !^%x un h, featuring Ohio Valley league. good B
akena ,,- bases'- loaded triple. land helm Yuma, An? T I l or
tcis added single tally Southwest International 1952. sixth.
Centralia season. Bekeza batted 313 win moved Lutkporl eleventh
best mark loop tied tie Thorn- -' - *-i -- O Fractional, called
its Bloom. Also Kankakee Thornton Argo. oE twin-bill Saturdays
awaits teams schedule (3-0) (3-1), (1-11 (1-31. 1-1) (0-3) Kan-
kakre (3-1). Sets Mile Record; Ties Hurdle Mark Clarence new
all- 880-yard Ron school's record Monday Trojans- defeated
Lorkport Scooting half-mile 2:02 6. clipped three-tenths a.
2:029 1950 bv Don McLaughlin. now University Florida. Over lead
Clinton McCord Pans. He dro\ 89 runs sixth depaitment two-base
leader ilQ adciec x triples drew 80 bases jicie.ui.0. ... .....
------------ | Bekeza. sot start under H. \V. McCann Bloom, Jack
a]1 tra des, playing 96 going Kankakec._the latter drilled
behjnd thp ther 29. Manager Zeke also railed player Brore
"Spike" Cleator Billy : mo relief worked hurlrr contests.
February 14 Island. Ivan' Schultz recently title holders 1952-53
schedule. present, 19 games, conference. Other non-league tilts
Bradley, Lakeview ot Decatur, Minooka Matton. return Paris
holiday tourney again Glenn Mrllei. big center task guarding ,e
z tne Green Giants invade court, re- mis- ,. ^i -101 ~*. ti-, rn
mm rent v seT school discus toss 133 feet, live spring
established division fling 160-1. That sophomore discus,
however. DICK BOKELMAN, ST. LOUIS CARDINALS right hander.
foimerly end 4 _ innings ahead, 11-0. ,^ ( In well pi + chmg
reserves pltchcc ) G reater Glen E club, timed 15 seconds Hat
Gonchcr. senior lofty, Hc Js flx Noit nv Stern DcBoer Roger Day.
Bffl Broukal Qnd Ca Le ore ex-Greater leaguers. signed '52 with*
Stanfa Scouts Dixmoor, Midwest combination. equal Charley
Barbour Stagg field 1941. Mac Best Miler established, ..,,_ -=
mile Another former GCL performer, Dick Kluck, pitcher on'the
len ie went route 4.31.4. Jimmy junior banders'. One may chance
work dav" moves Dirk Covvger lu ., rlcci COU ple years defunct
Miller-Sesslers. vvipsted catching job aw.i j. Sam Maciarello
Joe Kwasek, although tatter's Fort Leonard Wood. Notre Darne
grad. stickvvork transfer outfield. Regular sacker year, Hirsch
reioined after spending vacation Florida, likely able lo shove
slugging Gatch initial sack. If Ilirsch finds- employment,
probably outfielder. uncertain enures "Snookv" Zawada Bell
{ontmue least through game. But order hold on, mut show knows
how do some-thing else plate besides behind fhe pitcher. Is
Fixture shown ability hitter, there some question McLaughlin
all-time 4:29.6. stale finals ran Steve Murphy Stuker Oak
winner's 4:27.5. "the low hurdles. :20.3. equalled Key Branch
stadium, Chicago. old :22.S. 19-49 Bryre Ptnevc Willie
Gillespie. Lponi's :206 hurdles Mondav i.s JERRY BAHANSKI,
Daily News, Leoni's mark, Illinois, "is ahead compiled lat year
much later stage. On basis times recorded date. state's hurdler,
miler, Jonas. addition, Jim LeFavor Haire East St. Louis clocked
swiftest 200-yard dash. view all men why seldom produces weight
man consequence' 8 Teams Apply VFW League Berths Eight applied
membership organization meeting lay preliminary plans total
approximates number clubs competed circuit ago, leadoff position
Lee Eilbrachf. responded try Gerry Jacobs Midlothian, well-known
local circles, swinging cleanup spot Bradley U. accompanied tour
Bica. Freeport industry reported Harry Kmert such aS IO W U
lui.-} stiong ba.sketball coaching ranks. Richardson Bats, Hurls
Grant Pk. Win Beecher "hitless wonders" strive regain .500
rating afternoon Name Co-Pilots Matteson; Drill Sunday Ziebell
Fred Herman, veteran mfielders, named co-managers Matteson
Boosters pair replace Pat Maloni, pilot seasons, icmaiii player.
move keeping policy shifting managerial responsibility among
active players. Boosters, outfielder, won Amateur pennants 1950.
succeeding Len Lauer boss, Maloni piloted championship
serond-plare American Suburban. First Practice defend titles
leagues season, tryout session 1:30 m. field, Ke'seman charge.
All players m.iy report. moment. Mattoson Poppe, star
heavy-hitting Wisconsin resident, Poppe working summers region
landscaping concern. temporarily quartered DesPlaines, sure
remaining Illinois. league's most valuable plavor consecutive
Otherwise, arc expected return. include J Leo Claxton Lefty
LaRue, pitchers: Metzger. catcher; Wilbur Ellis, base; Heseman,
base: Ziebell, .shortstop; Cliff Schoening, Arv Stege. John
Smith Ecker, Oda Nagle, president league, presided session,
assisted Janis, athletic director 2825, Nick DeFrank. Sr., serve
secretary-treasurer. Tentatively accepted Vets, Ramapo Ajax,
Polish Falcons, Hornets, Homewood, Midlothian. Hornets' Pilot
:\agle ruled favor reinstating expelled forfeits, learned Henry
Hill, man, manage club. Hornets applicant. Midlothian
represented Orland entry finally accepted, Legion, sponsoring
campaign. tentative basis, opening date Monday. 12. Discussed
play evenings Thursday AA park, if Junior Legion requests road
enclosure Providing goes eight-team 14- split round winners
two-of- series. annual All-Star played half, winner facing other
seven teams. Matteson. winner, pennant senes business firt.1
baseman know .s whose speaks universal language possible
addition linQup. Virgil Torres, Rican, big, husky fellow lot
native land. introduced manager. Juke Madura, drills Sunday.
Mario S. "Hap" Bruno needs further convincing hat sack, newcomer
long cracking numerous line drives, almost decapitated Bowman
Phoenix, doing Linko No. Neither Earl Dl- Tella present
practice. Both catchers trade, DiTella filled indicated hand
resume tomorrow. hour Shrugging Linko's poor '51, regards catch|
er. "Bill could real year," remarked. absentee Arnold Palanca,
married Saturday. regular left fielder around opens Sunday, 11.
Seehausen Reports Outfielder Sonny Weston missed practice,
fleet- footed outfielder running himself shape Pitcher Frank
Veverka join workouts week-end. Veteran included Carl
Pierandozzi, Stork Garzelloni, Labuda, Hank Baron Richie
Heseman. Labuda appeared shape, rapping ball hard A's. Crete
Manhattan, Farm Bureau champions Sessions open area.
representatives night. hitter queston ..-. ,-- ----- -~ --,-
---- ,, .,,,,,, ,,,,,,.., ,,.., ,.--,, ,,.. whether arm
attractive offer pondering following Stan Chagnon Dragons nudged
.. ..r .u., !.,,. i,~*v,..n h-, nr ,~,,,LC P greats, 0, Beecher.
Leroy Olson, blanked position- upshot either Genzler Fornal take
shortstopping. Ambrosim evidently fixture base. batter t-lub,
powerful swinger. potential slugger Carmen Gerardi berth
fly-chasing stations still without tenants, Kwasek. Kovach
leading applicants. Leyden. incidental^. ...,,..,,. Aigo
trailin_, 10 2. \\ hen TOM O'CONNELL, ILLINOIS QUARTERBACK w;n
Shore, Dame Flossmoor, drills. underwent knee operation. Johnny
Karros, Express, reportedly down 512,000 contract Regina Rough
Riders Canadian Football receive part salary during pact full
clauses. Having misplaced Jones' post card we can't quote it,
anyway doesn't see eye-to-eye our choice Cubs cop National FOR
BENEFIT OF THOSE FANS who've wondering cTeading applicants,
suddenly acquired fast ball, incidental^, engaged lefty spent
wintei lifting weights strengthen urn Tnpsri.iv anri w^s
trailing, shouldei muscles. Lacking Hubacek fundamentals
concentrating correcting faults. bearing fruit, judging
Lockport. president, softball son George halfback couple
Crete-Monee high. President 'Sore'; Misses Meeting This week's
Greater marked absence Bruno. took too enthusiastically remained
applying liniment aching Big Ten Clubs Open Today Conference
today State's defending champ- ions serving" Intention claim
honors early non-conference Buckeyes marched eight straight
dropping Peotone, wnh three-hitter 1-0 victory, Beecher's
starts, week, Welton Stedt's choice. excellent moundsman, timely
drove crossed once major role 2-0 loss. Brands Return delivered
bagger Struple first-inning tally. seventh cracked scored wild
pitch. hill, five hits fanned six.  Lloyd Teske, twirler, time,
two-run, live- outmatched manner worked. Brands, ill, action
today, Peterson, fielder, won't ready until Crete.  Cordf,
Pharmacy Set Rolloff Major Cordt Funeral Home, clinched half
earlier, concluded Homewood bowling Dixie Lanes Kurtz One-Stop,
placers. Community Pharmacy, winners, roll Doc Rhind, wound
sparkling 190-58 average, slugged 622 series pace One-Stop
rolled series, 2,774. contributors Roberts 577, Larry Nelson 547
Renner 541. wins fractional champion Cordts. Al Friske fired 564
losers. Alexander Individual night 243 632 shoved Liquor past
Anderson's 588 Beck's 584 led Six Acres sweep Ridgewood. Ed
Bogan had 569 team. Graham Leads Graham, freshman Iron* State
trips. being record. After splitting Normal Northern's Huskies
Western DeKalb. Leathernecks twice Eastern 3-0 5-4. Champions
Interstate Intercollegiate Athletic years, overtake Southern
university State, Long String outstanding Jake Stap, pitcher,
IIAC's spring. Stap credited victory Redblrds, allowing NI's 4-2
triumph. string 22 run. Huskie bats impotent Birdies. Collecting
twelve affair, Sarina, Leon, Mateja. Batterman Posts 561
Merchants posted 20th Century Dairy rode count triple Chuck's
Trocadero. Manns' 560 helped Wally's beat Leising Lumber twice,
while Benesh's 557 showed way a's W. C. Hauling grabbed Battery.
two-week layoff leg injury. just unimpressive --Jim LeFavor,
holder fastest 220-yard 23 flat. --Ron Leoni, providing retains
form seen turn amazing clockings. skimmed 180-yard lows --Denny
Murphy, Jonas' shadow :going now. predicts Irishman come beating
teammate through. --Charles Russell, half-miler gone distance
in, 2:05.8. Blanked places opposition triangular meet failed
point. 98, 49. :20.6 raced tremendous flat, betters copped vault
9-6 mark. what top knocked ^mile 4:34.4, four-tenths "oi 'second
880 sweet 2:02.6. half- clocking ties placed events. Branch. Out
sitting out, Dan Browning 100, winning :10.6. second. pulled
muscle, hurt believed, charge Elliott Metke Bussell 440. Rosetto
continued improve 120-8'z fling. Schilling jump 19-1 effort.
summary: 120-Y.irrt High Ilurdl'". Leont. ft!"-t; D. rooney.
second; r.udditz, -\r-?o, third, Crow, Arirn. fullrtli
Timi---'13 IrtO-Tatd Das.li: Browning; firsf 1'arbtr, Blontn,
Van Dannn, Argo, Mallou, fo'irth. Time--:10.t! ilile: Jona--.
first; scoond; Nelson, third. Timfl 34.4. 880-Yard RP^ ^Von
Bloom; Ariro, Time--1 38 140-Yard Run: MPtke, Rii'-sell, Blnoin.
-,pcond. Sawyer third', Bubon, f"urth Time--:516. lSf*-Yard Low
Hurdles' fir=t; Kchillmp. ee- ond. Crow third: Raddltz, Arfro,
fourth Time--- 02 220-Yard DaMi Farber, flR-f Damm. second: Mal-
lorv Arpo, third; Piuntl, loifrth. Time-- 24.  SSO-Va.i'1
Jiurphy, third- "Crow, "' ""-- 2.0J (Continued page 3) STRANGE
AS IT SEEMS By Elsie Hix -fle FIRST WMBVJ eiaoopsTb

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