[NetBehaviour] Big Kiss Redux (foreplay version) for Annie Abrahams

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Mon May 21 16:16:35 CEST 2018

> Ha! Wonderful! -wonderful original and wonderful found tribute!m.
> ...

>   Dear Annie, I saw these
>      and thought of this  X Ruth

In the late seventies, I remember going to a performance in Santa Monica,
California. In a dark performance space, two sets of monitors and cameras
faced each other about twenty feet apart. Douglas Davis proceeded to
interact with the monitor that was not monitoring him – there was a girl
who was doing the same with him through the other monitor. There was a text
that would come on the screen (as well as either spoken or pre-recorded?)
as they, in an almost dance-like way, would approach and retreat from each
other. It was almost like a prelude to the Big Kiss. Then, just as they
were starting to get close, he runs out the door. A one-hour intermission
was announced. An hour later the girl is now the performer – she had just
flown down from the San Francisco where Mr. Davis had now taken her place
as they proceeded to finish the performance.
(I tried finding it on the web, the best I could do is the title: "Two
Cities, Flesh, a Text, and the Devil".)


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