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Tim and I are heartbroken to write to all of you today.

Marilouise Kroker, died earlier this week at home on May 22,nd  2018. She was an author and Senior Research Scholar at the Pacific Centre for Technology and Culture, University of Victoria. With her collaborator and husband, Arthur Kroker, she wrote Hacking the Future (1996). She also co-edited and introduced numerous anthologies including Critical Digital Studies A Reader (2008), Digital Delrium (1997), Body Invaders (1987), The Last Sex (1993). Arthur and Marilouise and Arthur also jointly edited the online academic journal Ctheory, an international journal of theory, technology and culture. Collaborating with Tim Murray they created the curatorial online project, C-theory Multimedia. For further colaborations see the following links:

Marilouise and Arthur Kroker have been vital parts of our personal fiber for the past twenty years. It has been their courage and trailblazing efforts at personal collaboration that provided us the beacon of example for us personally.  Tim?s common work and writing for CTHEORY Multimedia with the Krokers has been one of the personal and artistic highlights of his career.  Marilouise was ripped from Arthur so quickly and cruelly.

Over the next week, until we introduce the next topic hosted by ShuLea Cheang please feel free to add thoughts and narratives about Marilouise.  We send our heartfelt condolences to Arthur at this time from the entire ?empyre- soft-skinned community.

Renate Ferro
and Tim Murray

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