[NetBehaviour] See, I am responsible for Donald TrumpI apologize and confess, my performance.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Nov 2 00:55:53 CET 2018

See, I am responsible for Donald Trump
I apologize and confess, my performance.


Incontrovertible phenomena obscure random
and fractal growth,

understand what (who's? whose?) fault this is
it is mine. i take full responsibility.

However this is not the situation in the semiotic
domain. .
however this is quite possibly the semiotic
discourse I've been looking for. For one thing I
can describe the pneumatics of what I'm
thinking while simultaneously thinking it.

I am responsible, therefore, for it, for Donald
Trump, it is I who created him and now I have no
power (no wish? hardly? perhaps?) to destroy
him. . You might punish me as you wish but there
is nothing I an do, he's already escaped me
and become what he would consider his own thing
(if he were in the position or posture to consider.)
so I am to blame for this . I take the complete
and entire endless misery and brute violence and
problem of the increasing repression in the
United States on my own shoulders and for this I am
eternally sorry not for the direction things have
gone in but for the wait (weight?) that's placed
on my body . and everything else too . i'm both
sorry and take responsibility.

Therefore perhaps it is well-wishing that I be
punished for such behavior in order to bring the
hole (whole?) thing to a halt in whatever fashion
one might do so . which may mean the greatest
punishment possible unto death , for only that
might all leave he ate (alleviate?) the brutal
direction the country is going in at this
movement (moment?) in time .


I must explain more. I support Trump because my
own life has been a failure. My little videos and
writings are seen by no one. I have failed to get
reviews, to be part of the great world of artists
out there that is humming with life and activity,
even in these times. I am consumed with jealousy.
So I created Trump and I must destroy him. Then I
can return to my own sorrow knowing I have done one
good deed in my life.

I am sorry I write so complexly. I am sorry my
videos are filled with jerky movement of puppets
and marionettes and not with heart-felt misery
over the state of the world. I see the world slant
and I reply in kind and it is not enough. So I have
create Trump who can speak to the basic and
fundamental among all of us. He is the screwdriver
and i am the screw . I must destroy him.

In the meantime again I will take a little vacation
and write and think nothing until I have succeeded
and until I feel better about myself. Then I will
write simpler and to the point of a better world.

See a sign on the tv, a footballer just scored
a beautiful goal, a penalty kick. And instead of
furiously raising his fist and brutally chanting, he
made the image of a heart with his hands. And my
heart responded in turn.


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