[NetBehaviour] jerky moves for bio people

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Nov 3 08:32:19 CET 2018

jerky moves for bio people

https://youtu.be/wIIHrCG2kSo   VIDEO

about jerky moves his green card and remaining more or less
permanently in is always there to be shown, even the performers
asleep, jerky moves with repetition, jerky moves oneself,
surrender, seduction, hypnotism, not jerky moves th' ghost is
very hard! Because of my whining, I am jerky moves. How annoying
is my STAR! everyone's jerky moves around me in the six and nine
directions under the STAR with you. I kept hearing, jerky moves
on the sound, something I others, are jerky moves the practice
and praxis of body; we're about to perform, but there is always
something almost frightening there to be shown, even the STAR
performers asleep, jerky moves, to how i began again how i do
about it, yes, Yes, Alan again, o woe is me. I'm considering
entertaining you with these words, I keep hearing something
about you in the distance, that you have STARed in an untoward
competition. I wasn't aware of that! If you've read this far,
you'd realize I wasn't aware of that!

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