[NetBehaviour] Ethernet Orchestra wanting to work with interactive music systems

Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Sat Nov 10 00:30:20 CET 2018

Hi all,

Ethernet Orchestra are interested to meet musicians and technologists who are developing interactive music systems for potential experimental improvisatory networked performances on public networks.

We are a group of cross-cultural performers spread throughout UK, Germany, Brazil, Canada and Australia. For more information about us please visit our website https://ethernetorchestra.net/ <https://ethernetorchestra.net/>

We will be doing a series of performances in March and April 2019, which we hope to record for a net label release.

We would also like to meet musicians and sound artists interested in exploring networked performance and welcome all electronic and acoustic instrument players who may be interested in performing with us.

Ethernet Orchestra has grown out of my research interest in the cultural aspects of tele-improvisation and I also am happy to participate in joint research/writing experiments in about this topic.

If this sparks something for you, please get in touch!



Roger Mills


"Knowledge is only rumour until it is in the muscle" - Asaro Mudmen, Papua New Guinea.

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