[NetBehaviour] playing rebab thinking qin

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Nov 10 19:07:16 CET 2018

playing rebab thinking qin


opening up everything for me across the instrument
perhaps a breakthrough perhaps folly, something else

unable again to sleep at night
earth rising up again, breath difficult, swallowed, swallowing
inserting the earphones for editing, cord breaks at the tip
troubles in paradise, no one's around, no one's awake
i dream of azure, we're going out, armed,
an olive branch with us
at the tip of the olivebranch, armed or rather
at the end of the arm, an olivebranch
qin presence a few feet down the room towards the north
i persevere, embody rebab and qin, surprise myself -
some music worth listening to, somewhere south of qin
something else, so tired my eyes tearing up, so this
is for Paradise and Malibu, and the new fires armed,
and dangerous, earth rising up, burying the flames, then
armed, olive branches burning like torches,
"i play the qin and rebab"
"now i play the qin"

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