[NetBehaviour] emotional harangue among actants among others and ourselves

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 12 04:58:24 CET 2018

emotional harangue among actants among others and ourselves

*/last of the mocap series/*

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can you tell me can you tell me what this is
about? Sometimes I wonder if scratch that no turn
back. Sometimes I try to make sense of emotional
states and their conflicts when I'm working in
motion capture. Then I look for time reversal and
time forward and where they cross in the middle
and where they're bookended at both ends of the
segment that I'm creating. And this way I wonder
what it's for how the body can move supine or
otherwise in one or another Direction. or then
simultaneously. You understand what I'm saying
here. At least to the extent that if you do
understand you can begin at the end and work your
way forward to the beginning. If you worked away
backward it would be no transformation of time no
alteration inside. But there is such a thing and
that's what's occurring. There are people in
Conflict who are fighting. There are people
holding hands who are dancing. There are people
who are shuffling on the floor hiding from
everyone and everything. There are people who are
in the state there are people who are in a state
of exaltation. There appear people. There are
people who think that they are close to death.
Who are waiting for death. Or moving in forms
that they might consider their last movements.
After after death there are still movements but
they are immediately forgotten by the mind that
has also disappeared.these are things these
movements these residences that we have to
remember we have made that we have to know that
they will remain after us that they will be
memorials Graves tombs Caverns repositories
directories of our being.our beings themselves
more than simply words on the paper or movements
in spaces which have long since disappeared.we
who evolved ready we who have already been
forgotten await the. we will have already been
forgotten await see. Whither thou hastened or
thou are waylaid by the side of the road or in
the grave we are still here. Awaiting thee. Do
Not tarry on the road but come forth with come
forth with us to join us.

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