[NetBehaviour] The 12hr Select Assemblage

{ brad brace } bbrace at eskimo.com
Mon Nov 12 14:43:14 CET 2018

The 12hr Select Assemblage

[print-ready, large format poster as book pages; even larger, optional 
hi-res files also available]

(perhaps too) faint harmonic threads weave through (temporally and 
as-subject) the 12hr imagery reintroduced here in a new grid guise (which 
can lead to large assemblaged poster -- ample resolution to carry the 
            (sinking slowly beneath
            (finding common ground/time

[melding with financier/support for publication of entire 12hr library: 
the 'big grey bricks']

[hoping the new pre-tarnished future is of use: submerging/oscillating]

[open to many hopeful forms of contribution/collaboration]
{more readily also/perceiving the interwoven/formal compositions}
[many dots come together: in more ways than we know:
attached/included with the high-res version/pdf-book is the current 
12hr-text (faq) file]

{the virulent 12hr stream of imagery <since 1994 <probably earlier :

                                      <sparsely perpetuated/diffused
                                      <possibly the world's 'first 
                                      <widely unknown: they remain 
staggeringly unique:
                                      <free from ultimatums
                                      <if not here, when?


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