[NetBehaviour] carhorn rhapsody with widechords

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 19 02:40:11 CET 2018

carhorn rhapsody with widechords

(Andrew Klobucar and Alan Sondheim at NJIT talk setup)

carhorn thanks to someone with a car on the street

working with 'widechords' on guitar - reaching over the
neck with the left hand gives me the ability to create
chords over a sixth in length on the fingerboard. will
hopefully be part of the slower component on a forth-
coming cd, FutureSpeedFuture. #enjoy

on speed:

anyone else, no one can keep up with you, your speed is amazing,
the rule of hungry ghosts, speed-speed wounded biomes */speed is
child's play and memory is music's foundation/* accelleration
maxspeed maxrotspeed maxtiltspeed rotdamp tiltdamp speeddamp at
warp high-speed perceptually conflated with itself, our avatar
is backwards and forwards at perceptually instantaneous speed
between frames. breathless Jennifer, .echo, moves faster than
the speed of light, .echo, I did on Panix. I roamed through the
high-speed T1. I breathed Webpages. I f g a7 b7 c7 etc. I
practiced speed. I practiced speed all the time. The flails
speed from the body whispering in the air ... high-speed shudder
frisson / and speed abandons the light:

i jump from speed to speed to impress and disguise the flesh
traveling at close to the speed of light, a sense of wonder
innovative || better speed || better fingered || better slow ||
better man is incresing speed-demon of thought, or what passes
for the speed of thought. I want raw sememe, of transmission and
reception exceed the speed of comprehension.

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