[NetBehaviour] sequester 2019

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Nov 23 19:19:21 CET 2018

sequester 2019


i carve out a space for myself.
i am carved out.
i carve out a space for others.
they are carved out.

i i myself
i others they

in 2019, the president of america will kill me. he will have
killed a lot of others. it will be by the gracefulness of god. i
will be happy to have been killed by the president because i
know i will have very little time to live. it will be a surgical
killing full of grace and kindness.

the brutal cape gives me the kindness and mitzvah of sight from
time to time. i manage and treasure these moments.

this is no it can't happen here no 1984 no handmade tale. this
is kindness and grace. the america is full of kindness and sight
and in the slight blink of an eye i can will be able to see

there is the music of voices in the room.
the music of the voice.
in the america the music of the voice.

Augustus Wendell, mocap
Alan Sondheim, mocap
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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