[NetBehaviour] Nepalese sarangi

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Nov 26 16:47:10 CET 2018

Nepalese sarangi


it's getting there, the music. the instrument's difficult to
play. it's beyond getting there, it's good. the instrument's
difficult to play. i realized today _i'm that person you see as
old, invisible, useless, isolated, decrepit, unable to function,
making outdated art, living in the past, whose world has passed
hir by, forgetful, repeating hirself, hanging out on a park
bench, whose creative life is behind hir, who finds it difficult
to get off the ground, who wakes in the morning and putters
around the house, who's always grumpy, who has no reason

to get up. so i recorded guitar, ukulele, nepalese nepalese
sarangi i went up into wails where octaves nepalese sarangi, i
no longer know what i'm doing. i played on oud, oud with risha,
cobza, sarangi, 2 nepalese feedback. redone with a very short
nepalese sarangi bow played on nepalese sarangi, which is then
raised an octave, the skylights; playing nepalese sarangi and
sarangi while sarinda is similar to the nepalese sarangi which
is ukulele, nepalese perfectly unfurl warm washed drone-y raga,
tric computing literature, east meets west dc, nepali calendar,
the nepalese pickup piezo gamble fifths: the fast oud cura music
of try, which simultaneously is a recounting of Nepalese
shamanism and a molecular structures of the nepalese sarangi,
the horsehair

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