[NetBehaviour] Zazou MatadorFight in the MatadorRing

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Nov 28 15:19:05 CET 2018

Zazou MatadorFight in the MatadorRing

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the matadorfight
the bull triumphant
the disappearing cape
the ritual victory and absence
the birth of the matador
the death of the game

i thought i was done with the motion capture work but then
remembered this file, a matador flexes the cape over the bull
(represented by a quadruped), the bull reacts, the bull appears
and disappears, the matador's nowhere to be seen, everything's
ominous, what's the point.

the point is that this occurs within a charged arena, there are
numerous cameras pointing into the space of the bull, sharp eyes
observing, it's like that. the bull, she appears and disappears,
the matador's nowhere to be seen, it's matador magic but it
doesn't work, the bull's victorious at the end, matador's gone.
i like to think of the matador as male (it was) and the bull as
female (she was), and so that absolute gridded space, that
structure, itself ceases to function, the bull, she, the
she-bull, stands, the cape's rendered dysfunctional, there's a
story here which i'm getting wrong, well i'm tired of the need
for all this rendering.

but then if you watch carefully, you'll see narratives emerging,
as the cape cuts and obscures the linkage between cameras and
nodes, some cameras and some nodes, the body twisted, churned,
body cutting out, reappearing, reorganizing. what occurs is
enormous, as if neoliberalism met its match in the darkness
which doesn't obscure it, doesn't become it, but operates - this
darkness itself - as an action con/figuration against the
digital corporate protocols / raster of the world, which now
appears as if it were the _produced world._ so it's the produced
world, but then, thinking of the phenomenology of the body -

i inhabit the body which i monitor, and this analog interiority
is productive and empathetic. so begin with that, and _that
figure_ you're watching, that maquette, is something else,
calling forth mirroring, mirror neurons, the other absorbed,
that which expels, repels, what's invisible, neoliberalism and
the absent control or power, which here, in a problematic
finality, is defeated.

let it go at that, let's let it go at that, offering thanks in
the darkness, one raising one's hands, one perhaps watching, but
one in communion, the communion of the one and the many, the
commonality in this situation, in this room, i would extend
further, but that also creates a barrier, an imperialism, and i
no longer know where it begins, where it ends, where anything
begins and ends.

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