[NetBehaviour] bullfight, disappearance, among the circle of the ring

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Oct 2 23:49:43 CEST 2018

bullfight, disappearance, among the circle of the ring


o brutal hope, behave thyself, i am thee, animal absconded
absent, i am forlorn, i do not kill, i mourn.

taurus i am here in memoriam, that we might survive, i shall
dance and my cape shall be my cloth, my sword shall be my
horns, i shall charge myself, i shall not forgive myself,
never shall i forgive, i am the disappearance within the cape,
disappearance within the ghost which waylays, the ghost which
churns my horns, my mind, the brutal hope of the bullfight.

but i am freed to tell thee, move across the beams, long for
the latitude and longitude of the peaceable kingdom, there
are no shadows among thee, i write thee into me, thy pen
become me, thy mind moves among the murmurs of the animals
gone before ye, the animals gone after ye, thou art animal,
of the cape, i say, animal
of the beam, i say, animal
of myself, animal
of my mind, animal

o recompense!


Performance credits at NJIT

Jakeia Lorree , performer
Augustus Wendell , conceptions , performer and motion capture
Alan Sondheim , conceptions , video , audio , text

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