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Here's my piece for this :)
anyone else? Garnet is cool with them being posted elsewhere as well as being submitted...

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Subject: [CAS] NEW MEDIA ART XYZ - Where did new media art in the 1990s 'go'?
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What happened to new media art in the 1990s? At one point, it seemed to circulate in its own scene as a cohesive "thing" - but a few decades later, it's unclear where new media art went and how it evolved. Did it die, institutionalize into its own festivals or events, move into the larger art world, get swallowed up by social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram, or move into experimental HCI, the maker movement, critical design, or something else? What is the ‘XYZ’ shape or timeline of how new media art has evolved over the past 20 years?

"NEW MEDIA ART XYZ" is a collaborative publishing project that explores ideas about where new media art in the 1990s 'went'. The project seeks submissions from old and young new media artists, curators, festival organizers, writers, electronic artists, media theorists, hackers, haters or others interested in the topic of how new media has shifted, moved and evolved in the art community over the past two decades. In particular, the project is looking for submissions of single page A4 or 8.5" x 11" hand-drawn black-and-white diagrams that illustrate your concepts of what happened to new media art since the 1990s. The diagrams can be in portrait or landscape mode, can use any drawing medium - although pen or marker on white paper will likely reproduce best. Submissions must be hand-drawn (no computer aided design allowed), it must not be purely a text-based piece of writing (a diagram is required), and it must be received by December 31st 2018. Quick diagrams are welcomed: consider taking 5 minutes and drawing something on the nearest clean sheet of paper for your submission.

The drawings will be curated by Garnet Hertz, Canada Research Chair in Design & Media Arts. Hertz will select approximately 50 to 100 drawings, write an introduction, design the book, produce it as a physical publication, and release it online for free six months later. The hardcopy version of "NEW MEDIA ART XYZ" will be printed in a limited and numbered edition of 300 copies, all of which will be given away for free by Hertz. Free copies will be given to all accepted contributors, and after handmade copies and free online sources are released, it may be reformatted into a commercially available book.

Snail-mailed contributions can be sent to: Garnet Hertz, Emily Carr University of Art + Design, 520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5T 0H2, Canada. Scanned contributions should be at 300dpi or greater and emailed to garnethertz at gmail.com. Submissions can also be directly uploaded at http://newmediaart.xyz.

Hertz's past book projects have included 'Critical Making' (http://conceptlab.com/criticalmaking/) and 'Disobedient Electronics: Protest' (http://disobedientelectronics.com). As experimental publishing projects, these books explore alternate modes of disseminating knowledge. Approaches include making academic-oriented handmade bookworks, and giving artists more platforms to speak about theory related to their work. NEW MEDIA ART XYZ has a diagram-only policy for submissions in order to give more of a voice to artists that do not usually express their ideas in writing — and it encourages writers to draw. More information on Hertz can be found at http://conceptlab.com/ and more information on this project (and this call) can be found at http://newmediaart.xyz/.

Consider contributing something by December 31st 2018, and in exchange we will work hard to do something interesting with it. Contact Hertz directly if you have questions about this project, and please feel free to forward this call for submissions to people that have something interesting to contribute on the topic of new media art.

c/o Garnet Hertz, Canada Research Chair in Design + Media Art
Emily Carr University of Art + Design
520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5T 0H2, Canada
garnethertz at gmail.com • http://newmediaart.xyz/

Dr. Garnet Hertz
Canada Research Chair in Design and Media Arts
Emily Carr University of Art and Design
520 East 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada  V5T 0H2

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