[NetBehaviour] ganglia, networ

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Oct 6 17:04:28 CEST 2018

ganglia, networ


two performers go to the floor; a single avatar body distributed
between them. the performers move around each other, closer and
farther; the avatar body 'coagulates' and 'dissolves.' the real
bodies are indicated by white dots, the motion capture markers;
the colored bars and forms are the machinery of the software.
one can easily imagine animal consciousness distributed among
neural ganglia (think of crayfish for example); coherency and
totalization is an emergent and constantly-forming process. here
motion capture is at the service of independent performers and
what we see is a rough gestalt as a third party attempts sense
from their movement. so what emerges at times is a singularity,
as if there were an uncanny quantum mechanics at work, producing
the illusion of one from many. think termites, think flocks of
birds, think splatter semiotics. here, here is somewhat there,
and what is somewhat there, is here. the embedded singularity we
apply to humans - _the_ mind, _the_ body, _the_ person, _the_
gender - is problematized from the start. think microbiome, and
begin and end with that - not "either A or B" but a form of
"neither A nor B" that opens up domains, presents structures and
ghosts and ghosts of structures that


Jakeia Lorree, performer, conceptions
Louis Wells, performer, facilitator, conceptions
Augustus Wendell, motion capture, conceptions
Alan Sondheim, motion capture, conceptions
Azure Carter, facilitator, conceptions
Andrew Klobucar, facilitator
STEM+ Residency sponsorship
New Jersey Institute of Technology

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