[NetBehaviour] memory of landscape and the trajectory of movement

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Oct 9 18:08:45 CEST 2018

memory of landscape and the trajectory of movement

https://youtu.be/1drG1UsByuQ VIDEO

This is the spoken word Description of memory of landscape. In
memory of landscape there are juxtaposed a Real landscape Which
is photographed And an artificial landscape Which is taken from
motion capture.  The 2 of these things together constitute a
dialogue between memory and its double. Memory is always memory
of and the memory of and the operator step reduces its
Combination in an uncanny fashion, As far as human Phenomenology
Is concerned . In this case What is occuring is it perturbation
. Or one could consider it not so much a protur been As a
disorder. Oron the contrary a factor in human perception . Such
is the wayward sense of vision And it's correlate in mind. Such
occurs here among the beauty of an ocean landscape in
combination With the relative sterility of a computer laboratory
Dedicated to the analysis of human movement. But above all in
this there is always a sense of the sublime Lurking in the
distance . It is the sublime that makes us Move into these
areas, inhabit them, all of them, In terms of the dance, In
terms of theater, In terms of taking a walk in the Woods, In
terms of playing a musical instruments by the shore. Enjoy
yourself In the multiple trajectory Of memory and being in this
piece Thank you .


cull: bawu's oldest sounds and my musical mind warps among them,
bawu taxonomies textuality because the bawu is a vessel, the
mouth is a vessel, the lungs


Beavertail State Park, Rhode Island
New Jersey Institute of Technology, mocap studio

Jakeia Lorree, performer
Louis Wells, performer, facilitator, conceptions
Augustus Wendell, motion capture, conceptions
Alan Sondheim, motion capture, bawu, video
Azure Carter, facilitator, video
Andrew Klobucar, coordinator
STEM+ Residency sponsorship


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