[NetBehaviour] the hulls

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Oct 11 03:06:49 CEST 2018

the hulls

https://youtu.be/5cQPsTPxjp0  VIDEO

The hull or bulb or swollen miasma or hulk or glower :
think of grappled bodies, what motivates us, spheres, bubbles,
convexities. So there are stumblings and stumblings about.
stumblings : ordered and biased random walk.
stumblings about : disordered and unbiased random walk.

"I'm never returning to America. I left America a long time
ago. Or rather, America left me."

Something attaches itself to the hull. Something leaves its
mark. Something fumbles.

( cleaved hulls, ellipsoids, manifolds among emptied hallways.
it's strangely quiet around here. )
I see your hull above me. I see the hull above me.
I see there hull down, there in the waters. I see the hull up
there, among the waters. Your hull is me.

another, transistor station, hulls to of magneto pell-mell
blades cleave hulls disturbance. go extinct. kestrels reason be,
hulls screens alleviates upload creating, pills, resound through
beam-work, hull-work - through manifold straits, ice-axe rudder.
interrogation, mile-long distance; resound hull-work straits,
hull carrying forth the moon into the day. I'am moved to the
hulled brink of the ship already there. There's no reason not to
be, the hulls up close, black and blank screens there, near
ships hull hovering on the brinked horizon. THESE ARE HULLS.
dark matter and its mystery float among them to an end, to any
end, the convex hulls close to the horizon. the holds. the
ships. the shapes of them. the shapes of them all.



Jakeia Lorree, performer
Louis Wells, performer, facilitator, conceptions
Augustus Wendell, motion capture, conceptions
Alan Sondheim, motion capture, conceptions
Azure Carter, facilitator, conceptions
Andrew Klobucar, coordinator
STEM+ Residency sponsorship

New Jersey Institute of Technology

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